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    Outcast Network Unleashes The FIAT Brand`s "Godzilla" Spot

    Outcast`s National Video Network at the Pump Helps the Fiat Brand Reach a 100% Relevant Target Audience Source: Outcast press release Official Commercial Site: Official Movie Site: The recent FIAT Brand North America commercial tie-in to Warner Bros. Pictures` and Legendary Pictures` GODZILLA is reaching an expanded audience thanks to a new promotional deal with the digital media company Outcast Media. Outcast supplies video content (providers include the NFL Network, Extra, ABC and CBS), weather reports, lottery updates and advertising screened in high definition at gas stations across the United States. From the press release...

    Outcast, the largest and fastest growing television network at the pump, has unleashed the FIAT brand`s "Godzilla" movie tie-in spot across its 21,000+ high definition screens. Outcast`s monthly audience of 38 million active, on-the-go viewers rivals the delivery of top broadcast TV shows, while connecting the FIAT brand with a relevant target audience of drivers who can be difficult to reach. Outcast drivers rack up 107 billion miles on their vehicles each year, which is 50% more than the general population average. As a result, Outcast drivers are 4.5x more likely to be in market for a new vehicle in the next six months. In addition, 78% of this active audience skips traditional TV commercials and, typically, bypasses online ads. "We`re excited and committed to offering our audience of 100% drivers high quality content that both engages and entertains, and the FIAT brand`s `Godzilla` spot does just that," says Outcast Co-founder and CRO, Nathan Gill. "Our viewers are spending 43% more than the general population on their vehicle, making Outcast a unique platform for auto brands. We deliver the audience they want and eliminate all waste associated with reaching non-drivers." A report from Lieberman Research in conjunction with Outcast, found that consumers at the pump who were exposed to auto ad campaign creative, later indicated that they were 55% more likely to consider that vehicle the next time they`re in market for a new car. Outcast`s expansive network delivers engaging, targeted video content and advertising to a huge cross section of hard-to-reach consumers in over 135 markets, resulting in more viewers than the number one Nielsen rated weekly primetime show.

    About Outcast Media

    Outcast is the largest and fastest growing television network at the pump reaching 38 million monthly viewers at over 21,000 screens nationwide. With engaging content that is relevant to our viewers, Outcast meets the needs of a new generation of sophisticated, multi-tasking consumers who are on-the-go and can`t be reached through traditional media. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with offices in New York City, Detroit and Chicago. For more information, please visit

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