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    TOHO Games Announces “Godzilla Battle Line” Mobile Game Collaboration Event with GODZILLA VS. KONG Blockbuster Film

    Photo courtesy of Toho. © TOHO CO., LTD.

    Source: Toho Co., Ltd. press release
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     Photo courtesy of Toho. © TOHO CO., LTD.

    TOHO Games has announced the Earth's Ultimate Showdown collaboration between the blockbuster film GODZILLA VS. KONG and the mobile game "Godzilla Battle Line", just released worldwide on June 15 (Tue.).

    2021 really is the year of Godzilla. In March, Toho launched its game label TOHO Games, and went on to release a series of three mobile games, "Run Godzilla", "Godzilla Destruction", and "Godzilla Battle Line". Continuing the trend, the anime series GODZILLA SINGULAR POINT began streaming worldwide on Netflix from June 24 (Thu.).

    To celebrate the roaring worldwide success of the Hollywood blockbuster GODZILLA VS. KONG, a special Earth's Ultimate Showdown collaboration event will be held on the wildly successful mobile game "Godzilla Battle Line" from July 1 (Thu.).

    In Part I of the collab, launching on July 1 (Thu.), Kong will step onto the battle stage as a playable monster (battle piece)! Players can obtain Kong by clearing special missions, or exploring Expedition Maps that can be won in ranked battles. And, for a limited time only, Skull Island from GODZILLA VS. KONG will appear as a battle stage at certain times of the day! Take part in the Earth's Ultimate Showdown on mobile!

    A quirky commercial to celebrate the collaboration has also been released. The commercial features Masahiro Takashima, an actor who has appeared in two Godzilla films, and popular 20-year-old actress and mobile game fan Riko Fukumoto. Enjoy watching the antics of these two stars from Toho Entertainment! 

    "The Earth's Ultimate Showdown" Collab Overview

    Kong from GODZILLA VS. KONG will appear as a new battle piece, and players will also be able to obtain themed titles and icons in various ways throughout the event.

    Introducing the Kong Battle Piece!

    Kong, as seen in the film GODZILLA VS. KONG, is set to appear as a brand new battle piece!

    Kong can be obtained by clearing special missions, or exploring Expedition Maps that can be won in ranked battles. The probability of discovering Kong differs for each Expedition Map.

    Kong is a heavyweight ranged attacker, who uses his stunning strength to sweep through waves of units as he advances.

    In addition, when serving as the team's leader, Kong can perform a Special Move called "Earth Break",   which deals damage in a circular area, and increases damage dealt by allied units with an energy cost of 4+ on the battlefield by 20% for 15 seconds.

    *Kong is planned to be available for seven months only.

    *Once obtained, Kong can be used even after the event period.

    Special Collab Expedition Map Available In the Shop!

    In the Shop, players can purchase a collab pack featuring a "Skull Island Expedition Map", which offers a greater chance of discovering Kong, and a Kong icon.

    In addition, players who purchase the Premium Godzilla Pass can earn collab icons, titles, and battle pieces as premium rewards, in addition to the regular Grade rewards!

    *The Season rewards from the Premium Godzilla Pass will be available until the maintenance on July 30 (JST).

    Limited Time Collab Special Missions

    Players can collect collab icons and titles by clearing special missions during the collab event period!

    ・ Collab Special Missions Period

        End of maintenance on June 30 - Start of maintenance on July 30 (JST)

     Photo courtesy of Toho. © TOHO CO., LTD.

    Collab Limited "Skull Island"

    During the event period, Skull Island will be available as a battlestage at certain times of the day. In this area, Kong will appear as the 3rd Force to kick the battle up a notch!

     There is also a special mission that can be cleared by winning a  Battle on Skull Island, so start readying your team for warfare!

    ・ Skull Island Stage Period

     End of maintenance on June 30 - Start of maintenance onJuly 30 (JST)


    Game Overview

    Godzilla Battle Line

    Take on the world! 3 minute monster all-star battles!

    All the popular monsters and weapons from the Godzilla series are ready for battle! Build your own team of the strongest monsters and fight against players from all over the world in real time! Get ready for fun but intense 3 minute battles!

    Game title: Godzilla Battle Line

    Genre: Real-time strategy

    Price: Free to play (with optional in-game purchases)

    Compatible devices: iOS, Android

    Release date: Worldwide release (including Japan) on Tuesday, 15 June (subject to change)

    Pre-registration: Via Google Play/Official Twitter/Official Facebook/Yoyaku Top 10

    Official website: (*For info on all three games)

    Official Twitter:    @Gz_battleline

    Official Facebook:  @Gz.battleline

    © TOHO CO., LTD.

    Photo courtesy of Toho. © TOHO CO., LTD.

    About Toho

    Toho Company, Limited, is a Japanese entertainment studio focused on the development, production, exhibition, and distribution of powerful live action and animated content including motion pictures, television and theater. Founded in 1932, Toho remains a prominent force in bringing brands and  original storytelling with versatile talents to audiences worldwide. Its subsidiaries include Toho Cinemas, the highest grossing exhibition company in Japan, and Toho International, Inc., a U.S. established incorporated company that manages and commercializes Tohos intellectual property portfolio. To learn more about Toho, visit: .










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