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    DEATH NOTE`s Tatsuya Fujiwara Stars in I`M FLASH!

    Source: Phantom Film Co. Ltd. press notes Official Site: (Japan) Additional Material: Nippon Connection, Japan Society A Cult Guru, A Famme Fatale and 3 Bodyguards.. Then the fatal accident which changes their lives forever. Who is the target and who is the killer? The fierce fight on the red-hot island is about to begin!

    I`M FLASH! (?????????!, Aimu Furasshu!, 2012) is a stylish violent-action-thriller from visionary filmmaker Toshiaki Toyoda (9 SOULS, BLUE SPRING), starring Tatsuya Fujiwara (BATTLE ROYALE, DEATH NOTE) and Ryuhei Matsuda (TABOO, BLUE SPRING). Story Rui Yoshino (Tatsuya Fujiwara) is the charismatic young master of a lucrative religious sect calling itself “Life is Beautiful”. Life is indeed beautiful for the cocky cult leader. Famous, fast-talking, good looking and filthy rich, he has the attention of the mass media while his many followers (particularly the female ones) treat him as a role model, escape route, and god. One hot night at a night club, he picks up a beautiful young woman named Rumi (Kiko Mizuhara), and takes her out on a drunken drive that turns out to be less of a cruise to short-term earthly pleasures than a fateful ride into the unknown. They crash a fancy sports car, kill a motorcyclist, leave Rumi in a coma, and Rui in deep trouble. The young guru miraculously escapes physically unscathed, but the mass media turns on him. Newspaper headlines declare, Drunk Driving Crash! Young Master is a murderer?! To ride out the scandal, Rui’s mother and sister -- both high level members of the cult -- arrange for him and three bodyguards (Ryuhei Matsuda, Kento Nagayama, Shigeru Nakano) to go into seclusion on a remote southern island. But during that brief ride with Rumi, some kind of restlessness has stirred within Rui`s soul. And that’s when events start to spin out of control towards an unexpected outcome that no one could ever imagine...

    Cast and Crew The cast of I`M FLASH! includes Tatsuya Fujiwara ( BATTLE ROYALE, DEATH NOTE), Ryuhei Matsuda (KANIKOSEN, BOYS ON THE RUN), Kento Nagayama (HARD ROMANTICKER), Itsuji Itao (SCABBARD SAMURAI, IR DOLL), Yukiya Kitamura (DR. AKAGI, SAKURADA GATE INCIDENT) and Tatsuya Nakamura (BLOOD OF REBIRTH, BULLET BALLET). Director Toshiaki Toyoda was born in Osaka in 1969. His internationally acclaimed feature films include PORNOSTAR (??????, Poruno Sutaa, 1998), the documentary UNCHAIN (??????, Anchein, 2000), BLUE SPRING (???, Aoi Haru, 2001), 9 SOULS (????????, Nain Souruzu, 2003), HANGING GARDEN (????, Kuchu Teien, 2005), BLOOD OF REBIRTH (????, Yomigaeri no Chi, 2009) and MONSTERS CLUB (?????????, Monsutazu Kurabu, 2011).

    Credits Japanese Release Date: September 1, 2012 US Premiere: July 11, 2013 (Japan Cuts) Running Time: 92 Minutes Cast Rui Yoshino: Tatsuya Fujiwara Bodyguard: Ryuhei Matsuda Bodyguard: Kento Nagayama Assistant: Itsuji Itao Brother: Yukiya Kitamura Tatsuya Nakamura Rumi: Kiko Mizuhara Bodyguard:Shigeru Nakano Sister: Mayu Harada Motorcyclist: Tasuku Emoto Mother: Michiyo Ookusu Staff Written & Directed by Toshiaki Toyoda Producers: Shuji Danzen, Takaaki Hirabe, Hiroyuki Ishigaki, Akira Morishige Executive Producers: Yoshitaka Hori, Hiroaki Kitano, Keisuke Konishi, Yosuke Miyake, Tetsuya Nasuno, Atsushi Sugai, Daisaku Takeuchi, Shinya Wazaki Cinematography: Toyotaro Shigemori Art Director: Mitsuo Harada Gaffer: Takeshi Nakasu Sound: Junichi Shima Editor: Masaki Murakami Assistant Director: Megumi Sawada Production: Horipro, Pony Canyon, Phantom Film Co.Ltd, Wowow, Yahoo!, Pony Canyon Enterprise Distributor: Phantom Film Co. Ltd. World Sales: Phantom Film Co. Ltd. © 2012 I’m Flash! Production Committee

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