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    DIAS-POLICE -DIRTY YELLOW BOYS- Info and High-Res Images from Toei

    Source: Toei Co., Ltd. Official Site: (Japan)


    SPOILER WARNING: This article contains plot details and images from an upcoming movie.

    Toei has provided information and high-res images from their upcoming crime drama, DIAS-POLICE -DIRTY YELLOW BOYS- (??????? -DIRTY YELLOW BOYS-, Diasuporisu -DIRTY YELLOW BOYS-). The film is based on the manga series DiasPolice: Real Tokyo Underworld (???????-????-, Diasuporisu -Ihou Keisatsu-) by writer Richard Woo (aka Takashi Nagasaki) and artist Shinichi Sugimura, which was serialized in Kodansha`s Weekly Morning magazine from 2006-2009. The lead character in the manga is Saki Kubozuka, the sole member of the "Dias Police" (Gentiles Police), an unofficial police force created to protect the 150,000 illegal immigrants living in Tokyo. Not recognized by the Japanese government, the underground citizens have formed their own political, banking and health systems, with Kubozuka tasked to keep the peace and maintain order. In early 2016, the Japanese networks MBS and TBS partnered on a 10 episode live-action DIAS-POLICE: REAL UNDERGROUND TOKYO (???????-????-, Diasuporisu -Ihou Keisatsu-) series. Debuting this past April 12th, the show was directed by Masanori Tominaga (VENGEANCE CAN WAIT), Katsuhito Mogi, Tetsuya Mariko and Kazuyoshi Kumakiri (BLAZING FAMIGLIA), with Shota Matsuda (DEATH NOTICE: IKIGAMI, AFRO TANAKA, HARD ROMANTIKER) starring as Saki Kubozuka. The cast and crew of the series are now bringing DIAS-POLICE to the big screen with -DIRTY YELLOW BOYS-, an adaptation of a story arc from the manga. The movie opens in Japan on September 3rd. STORY An underground civilian named Maria has been kidnapped. Saki Kubozuka investigates the crime with his new buddy Hirotaka Suzuki (Kenta Hamano), who came to the underground after his boss framed him for embezzlement. With the help of deputy director Ah (Shingo Yanagisawa), who also runs a pest control company, and the governor of the underground, Kotetsu (Yoshio Kou), Kubozuka and Suzuki find the location where Maria was held captive. But they arrive too late... Maria was already dead. Maria’s killers are Zhou (Kenta Suga) and Lin (NOZOMU) from the “Dirty Yellow Boys,” an Asian criminal cartel comprised of failed exchange students. The duo also murder Yokoshima, a yakuza thug who had orchestrated the kidnapping. Kubozuka and Suzuki are offered information about the crime by Masato Isaku (Claude Maki), the young underboss of the yakuza clan. The only lead to uncovering Zhou and Lin’s whereabouts is through the “Ark of the Contract,” an underground church. As Kubozuka and Suzuki investigate every underground church across the country, they have a falling out, with each going solo in their pursuit of Zhou and Lin. The hunt takes them west, as Isaku and his clan follow them like a shadow. What has driven Zhou and Lin to the west? What is Isaku’s secret agenda? The kidnap of an immigrant turns into a fierce battle between three parties.

    CREDITS Official English Title: DIAS-POLICE -DIRTY YELLOW BOYS- International Sales Title: DIAS POLICE Japanese Theatrical Release: Saturday, September 3, 2016 (Roadshow) Running Time: 90 Minutes Cast Saki Kubozuka: Shota Matsuda Hirotaka Suzuki: Kenta Hamano Kotetsu: Yoshio Kou Ah: Shingo Yanagisawa Zhou: Kenta Suga Lin: NOZOMU Masato Isaku: Claude Maki Sakura Ando Rodrigo: Shohei Uno Staff Director: Kazuyoshi Kumakiri Original Story: DiasPolice by Richard Woo and Shinichi Sugimura (Kodansha) Screenplay: Kazuyoshi Kumakiri, Fumio Moriya Producer: Kana Aida Music: Takuma Watanabe Theme Song: "Yukari?EXPLOSION" by Yukari Onishi Production: Tokyo Theatres Company, Inc. Production: DiasPolice Film Partners (avex pictures, Toei, Kinoshita Group, Tokyo Theatres, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Tohan, Sony PCL, Frontage, avex music publishing, office saku) Production Cooperation: Kirishima 1945 Inc. Theatrical Distribution: Toei Co., Ltd. World Sales: Toei © Richard Woo, Shinichi Sugimura ? Kodansha / DiasPolice Film Partners

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