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    GENOME HAZARD Coming in January 2014

    Taketo Ishigami (Hidetoshi Nishijima) seeks answers to his unraveling life in the South Korean/Japanese co-production GENOME HAZARD. Photo courtesy of Asmik Ace. © 2013 “Genome Hazard” Production Committee

    Press Notes for Upcoming Mystery Movie Source: Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc., Lotte Entertainment Official Site: (Japan) Based on the 1998 novel by Shiro Tsukasaki, the South Korean/Japanese co-production GENOME HAZARD will open in Toho Cinemas in Japan on January 24, 2014.

    Promotional art for the film`s world premiere. Image courtesy of Lotte Entertainment. © 2013 “Genome Hazard” Production Committee

    Hidetoshi Nijishima (DOLLS, THE WIND RISES) stars as Ishigami, an average working-class man plunged into a nightmare. One day he comes home from work and discovers his wife dead. Just then, he receives a phone call from his wife and collapses in utter confusion. Suddenly, two strangers claiming to be the police barge in and accuse Ishigami of murdering his wife. Escaping from the strangers, Ishigami struggles to find out what happened to his wife. As he searches for answers, Ishigami begins to lose his memory and finds himself acting like someone else. Is he truly who he thinks he is, or have has some unknown person or agency planted false memories in his head? What is his true identity? Director: Kim Sung-Su A graduate of Seoul Art College Film School, Kim Sung-Su won many short film festivals as a student. He continued to build his career, working as assistant director to Park Chanwook and Song Ilgon. Kim debuted as a theatrical feature director with RUNNING WILD (??, Yasoo, 2006) starring Yoo Jitae. Credits Japanese Title: ????????????????5?? (Genomuhazaado Aru Tensai Kagaku-sha no 5-Kakan) Korean Title: ??? (Mumyeongin) World Premiere: October 4, 2013 (Busan International Film Festival) Japanese Theatrical Release: January 24, 2014 Running Time: 120 Minutes Cast Taketo Ishigami: Hidetoshi Nishijima Kang Ji-Won: Kim Hyo-Jin Miyuki: Yoko Maki Ibuki: Manabu Hamada Han Yuri: Yuri Nakamura Dr. Sato: Masato Ibu Koyoko: Nahana Lee Kyoung-Young Park: Dong-ha Staff Director: Kim Sung-Su Original Story: Genome Hazard by Shiro Tsukasaki (Shogakukan) Screenplay: Kim Sung-Su Producers: Yang Kwang-duk, Lee Geun-wook, Hidemi Satani Cinematographer: hoi Sang-muk Editor: Park Kyoung-sook Sound: Hong Ye-young Music: Kenji Kawai Production: Apollon Cinema, Happinet, Lotte Entertainment Theatrical Distribution: Asmik Ace (Japan), Lotte Entertainment (Korea) International Sales: Lotte Entertainment © 2013 “Genome Hazard” Production Committee

    Kim Hyo-Jin (WOOCHI, HORNY FAMILY) plays the reporter Kang Ji-Won. Photo courtesy of Asmik Ace. © 2013 “Genome Hazard” Production Committee

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