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    HAGANAI: I DON`T HAVE MANY FRIENDS Live-Action Movie from Toei

    Source: Toei Co., Ltd. Official Site: (Japan) Yomi Hirasaka`s light novel series Haganai: I Don`t Have Many Friends (????????, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) has been adapted in multiple manga and anime series with a total circulation (as of October 2013) of 6.1 million units. Now the story comes to the big screen with a live-action movie version from Toei. HAGANAI: I DON`T HAVE MANY FRIENDS is written and directed by Takuro Oikawa, whose previous credits include the thriller SHUFFLE (?????, Shaffuru, 2011) and the manga adaptation KAN-KIN-TAN-TEI (????, Kankin Tantei, 2013). Headlining the cast is Koji Seto, star of the series MASKED RIDER KIVA (????????, Kamen Raidaa Kiba, 2008-2009) and its movie spin-offs. Seito has recently focused on the horror genre with roles in JU-ON: BLACK GHOST (???????, Ju-on: Kuroi Shoujo, 2009), SADAKO 3D (??3D, 2012) and SADAKO 3D 2 (??3D2, 2013). The female lead is singer and idol Kie Kitano, who has appeared in films such as KITARO AND THE MILLENNIUM CURSE (?????????????, Gegege no Kitaro: Sennen Noroi Uta, 2008) and YOKOHAMA STORY (??????, Yokohama Monogatari, 2013). And supporting actress Mio Otani has drawn attention for her performances in SOUL FLOWER TRAIN (?????????????, Souru Furawa Torein, 2013) and JELLYFISH (R-18??? vol.2 ??????????, R-18 Bungakusho vol. 2 Jeriifisshu, 2013).


    High school student Kodaka Hasegawa (Koji Seto) has recently transferred to St. Chronica`s Academy and is pathetically inept at making friends. With naturally blond hair inherited from his British mother and an unpleasant, fierce gaze, Hasegawa is constantly mistaken for a juvenile delinquent. One day, he runs into the brash loner Yozora Mikazuki (Kie Kitano) while she`s talking to her imaginary friend, Tomo. Realizing that they have no hope of a normal social life, the two rejects decide to form a group called "The Neighbors Club" in order to make friends. As luck would have it, five new members join the club who are more socially awkward than they are. Little by little, the lonely classmates learn how to build friendships through cooking together, playing games, and other group activities. But, with so many misfits, will the club members really be able to get along, or are they all doomed to social failure?


    Japanese Theatrical Release Date: February 1, 2014 Running Time: 114 Minutes Cast Kodaka Hasegawa: Koji Seto Yozora Mikazuki: Kie Kitano Sena Kashiwazaki: Mio Otani Yukimura Kusunoki: Sara Takatsuki Rika Shiguma: Mao Kanjo Kobato Hasegawa: Sayu Kubota Maria Takayama: Momoka Yamada Saionji: Louis Kurihara Tanaka: Dai Watanabe Tenma Kashiwazaki: Yoshizumi Ishihara Staff Director, Writer: Takuro Oikawa Original Story: Yomi Hirasaka (published by Kadokawa Corporation`s Media Factory/MF Bunko J) Cinematographer: Gen Kobayashi Film Production: "I Don`t Have Many Friends" Production Committee Distributor: Toei Company, Ltd. International Sales: Toei Company, Ltd. © 2014 Movie "I Don`t Have Many Friends" Production Committee

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