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    HIMEANOLE: Thriller Manga Adaptation Now Playing in Japan

    Source: Nikkatsu Corporation Official Movie Site: (Japan) Which one are you? Predator or prey? Nikkatsu`s new thriller HIMEANOLE (??????, Himeano ~ ru) opened this weekend in Japan. Based on the manga series by Minoru Furuya, the film stars Go Morita (V-6), (ULTRAMAN GAIA: THE BATTLE IN HYPERSPACE, ONE PIECE FILM GOLD) and Aimi Satsukawa (SADAKO VS KAYAKO).

    Story Okada works part-time at a cleaning company. Recently he has been feeling frustrated about his go-nowhere life. One day his co-worker Mr. Ando asks Okada to help him in his quest to win the love of Yuka, a waitress at a nearby restaurant. Reluctantly Okada agrees and, by chance, meets high school classmate Shoichi Morita when at the restaurant. After seeing Okada and Morita talking, Yuka tells Okada that Morita has been stalking her. While Okada finds it hard to believe, he recalls how Morita was severely bullied throughout high school. He wonders if there may now be something amiss with his former friend. While the ordinary life drama between Okada, Yuka and Mr. Ando plays out, the deranged Morita engages in a spree of serial murders as he attempts to trap Yuka in his web of lust-driven crime.

    Photo courtesy of Nikkatsu. © 2016 “HIMEANOLE” Film Partners

    Credits World Premiere: April 25, 2016 (Far East Film Festival 18) Japanese Theatrical Release: Saturday, May 28, 2016 Running Time: 99 Minutes Cast Shoichi Morita: Go Morita Susumu Okada: Gaku Hamada Yuka Abe: Aimi Satsukawa Yuji Ando: Tsuyoshi Muro Staff Director: Keisuke Yoshida Screenplay: Keisuke Yoshida Original Story: Himeano~ru by Minoru Furuya (Weekly Young Magazine) Production: “HIMEANOLE” Film Partners (Django Film, Happinet, J Storm, Nikkatsu) Distributor: Nikkatsu © 2016 “HIMEANOLE” Film Partners

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