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    How Sci-Fi and Horror Have Influenced Casino Games

    Sci-fi and horror are influential themes throughout entertainment. In the world of film, there are countless blockbuster franchises dating backing decades, with future-gazing science fiction even being able to trace its roots back more than a century.

    The genres have also made the switch to the smaller screen, with Netflix, Amazon Prime and many other leading streaming services getting a slice of the action. Platforms know that the shows will attract a ready-made audience of fans.

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    So, it’s perhaps no surprise that sci-fi and horror have started to transcend into other industries. In this article, we will examine an industry that has grown incredibly quickly during the last 20 years — online casino gaming — and understand the impact that the two genres have had on its development.

    The growth of the online casino

    The world of online casino gaming has transformed beyond recognition during its short history. Its origins are traceable back to the mid-1990s, when land-based casino enthusiasts were able to enjoy simple adaptations of their favorite games.

    But as the internet became more commonplace in the households of Americans, the industry became increasingly lucrative. More money was invested and more major brands arrived on the scene, and the games quickly evolved into something completely different.

    And as connections sped up and computers became more powerful, the possibilities became bigger. Suddenly, vibrant graphics, slick animation and fast-paced gameplay were a reality for players, and the scene would soon explode in popularity.

    In fact, recent predictions suggest that the industry will likely be worth in excess of $100bn by 2025, with the Asia Pacific region anticipated to register the highest growth rate, owing to the increased adoption of smartphones.

    How sci-fi and horror is playing its part

    The introduction of high-end graphics and animations has captured the imagination of brands and their game developers. This has resulted in franchises from film and TV being adapted to create new casino games, alongside new franchises created especially for the industry.

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    And while games like roulette, blackjack and poker generally feature a traditional aesthetic that’s based on the look and feel of a traditional casino, some of the industry’s more casual games are heavily built around fantastical themes.

    Those who play online bingo in 2020 expect their games to feature a theme that is engaging and exciting, although there is still a place in the scene for the more traditional versions. It really depends on the type of player, and platforms know that providing a broad range is important.

    This is where horror and sci-fi come in, with game developers increasingly turning to these genres to inspire the latest games. Like the streaming providers we discussed earlier, casino brands know that sci-fi and horror attract a cult following that can easily translate into a ready-made audience.

    The drama, suspense, excitement and storytelling of horror and sci-fi are also a natural fit for casino games, helping to bring the action on screen to life in a relatable and exciting way. And those games sit perfectly alongside some of the lighter themes as part of the industry’s patchwork.

    It’s clear to see the influence that horror and sci-fi has wielded over the world of online gambling and casino. And much like in other visual media, the genres are helping to drive an already vibrant industry even further forward.

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