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    Hotaro Oreki (Kento Yamazaki) tries to solve a decades-old mystery in HYOUKA: FORBIDDEN SECRETS. Photo courtesy of Kadokawa Pictures. © 2017

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    Theatrical poster. Image courtesy of Kadokawa Pictures. © 2017

    HYOUKA: FORBIDDEN SECRETS (??, Hyouka) is the film adaptation of author Yonezawa Honobu`s best-selling mystery novel. The movie is directed by Mari Asato of BILOCATION (????????, Bairokeeshon, 2013) and FATAL FRAME (????????, Gekijooban Rei Zero, 2014) and stars Kento Yamazaki (DEATH NOTE television series, LOVE FOR BEGINNERS, L?DK – LIVING TOGETHER, WOLF GIRL & BLACK PRINCE, ONE WEEK FRIENDS) and Alice Hirose (THE SEA OF SEIRO: DETECTIVE MITARAI’S CASEBOOK, ACID BLACK CHERRY: L, SHINJUKU SWAN). Story Hotaro Oreki doesn`t like to do things that he considers a waste of energy. However, things start to change when his sister forces him to join the Classics Club, a school group that is on the verge of dissolution. There he meets Eru Chitanda, a gorgeous yet mysterious girl with a strong sense of curiosity. Although she seems shy and reserved, once she utters the fateful words “I need to know!”, her tenacious curiosity is unstoppable. One day, Eru asks Hotaro for his help in solving a 33-year-old mystery involving her uncle, a former Classics Club member who went missing. As Hotaro attempt to unearth the truth behind the disappearance of Eru’s uncle, he finds traces of clues that her uncle’s secret is locked inside a tragic tale, found within a club’s mysterious anthology entitled Hyouka (Frozen Dessert). Credits Japanese Theatrical Release Date: Friday, November 3, 2017 (Nationwide Roadshow) Running Time: 114 Minutes Cast Hotaro Oreki: Kento Yamazaki Eru Chitanda: Alice Hirose Yoko Itoigawa: Yuki Saito Nazuki Amano Hidekazu Mashima Shihori Kanjiya (Special Appearance) Satoshi Fukube: Amane Okayama Jun Sekiya: Kanata Hongo Mayaka Ibara: Fujiko Kojima Staff Director: Mari Asato Original Story: Hyou-ka by Yonezawa Honobu (published by Kadokawa Bunko) Screenplay: Mari Asato Producers: Tsuyoshi Kobayashi (Kadokawa), Ryosuke Yamagata Production: "Hyouka" Film Partners (Kadokawa / Pony Canyon / Avex Group) Production Company: Daiei Kadokawa Studio Distribution: Kadokawa International Sales: Kadokawa Corporation

    Eru Chitanda (Alice Hirose) asks Hotaro for help. Photo courtesy of Kadokawa Pictures. © 2017
    Title treatment courtesy of Kadokawa Pictures. © 2017

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