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    Japanese Thriller NAMELESS CROSS Offered for International Sales

    His Final Opponent was a Tiger... Source: CREi Inc. Official Site: (Japan)

    CREi Inc. is now offering the Japanese suspense thriller NAMELESS CROSS (???????, Nanashi Shino Juujika, 2012) for foreign sales. Based on the novel of the same name by Ichiro Go, NAMELESS CROSS is the story of Mikami, owner of a small wrestling shop. Overwhelmed with debt, Mikami decides to search for a mysterious underground video -- valued at ¥30 million on the black market -- rumored to show a fight between a man and a tiger. After speaking to an old acquaintance, Mikami concludes that the fighter was a legendary kick boxer named Shintaro Shinzaki who disappeared without a trace. In order to discover the tape’s whereabouts he contacts Shinzaki’s girlfriend, Yukie, unaware that he has taken the first step down a deadly path. Does this tape exist? Can Mikami survive this dangerous quest? The person who holds the key to everything is a man without a name or past... Japanese Theatrical Release: December 1, 2012 Running Time: 93 Minutes Cast Mikami: Yu Kamio Yukie Yanase: Reiko Matsuo Shintaro Shinzaki: Satoshi Kobayashi Sohkoh Wada Rumi Yonezawa Crew Director: Naoki Kubo Screenplay: Tatsuo Inamoto, Tomoko Matsuda Original Story: Ichiro Go Music: Tatsuya Tsubono, Myoju Hamasaki Theme Song: "Hey, Stray" by Color Bottle Production: “The Nameless Cross” Partners (Diprex, Cross-Media, Vision Forest, Amitie, TC Entertainment) Distribution: Arc Entertainment International Sales: CREi Inc.

    About CREi Inc.

    CREi Inc. is one of the leading distributors for overseas license in Japan. It started as the overseas sales division of TBS Service Inc. in 1953. With a view to broaden future opportunities, the company was officially established as ‘Media Shogun Limited’ in 2003, and later in 2005 the name was charged to ‘CREi Inc.’ CREi`s extensive program catalog offers a wide range of Animation, Feature Films, Variety Shows, Sports Dramas, Documentaries and more. The company exhibits at MIP-TV and MIP-COM in Cannes, and many other TV/Film markets every year.

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