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    Kadokawa to Premiere Horror Film BILOCATION at TIFF


    Source: Kadokawa Pictures Official Site: (Japan) You’ll be eliminated by another “you”. Kadokawa celebrates their Horror Bunko imprint with the 20th anniversary film, BILOCATION (????????, Bairokeeshon, 2013), premiering October 21st at the Tokyo International Film Festival. The movie will be released in Japanese cinemas on January 18, 2014. BILOCATION is based on Hojo Haruka’s debut novel of the same name (published October 23, 2010 by Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.) and promises "an imaginative psychological thriller unlike anything you`ve ever seen". The story deals with a supernatural phenomenon that has been reported worldwide... an individual appears in two different places at the same time. What if this alter ego exceeds your own experience and ability? And what if he/she tries to prevent you from standing in their way? Can you accept it, or will you kill the other “you”? BILOCATION depicts the nightmare of an alter ego that endangers not only your identity but also your very existence. Story Shinobu Tamura (Asami Mizukawa), a divorced painter, is accused of using counterfeit bills at a supermarket.?Arrested, she is shown security camera footage of a woman who looks exactly like her committing the crime. But Shinobu was home at the time and has no memory of the event. Struggling to learn the truth behind the crime, Shinobu discovers the existence of bilocation. There is another "being" who looks just like her... Further investigation leads her to a "Bilocation Club" dedicated to protecting people from their doppelgangers.

    Asami Mizukawa stars as Shinobu Tamura, a woman who discovers a doppelganger is looking to take over her life. Photo courtesy of Kadokawa Pictures. © 2014 BILOCATION FILM COMMITTEE

    Director Mari Asato Mari Asato studied under director Kiyoshi Kurosawa (CURE) and writer Hiroshi Takahashi (THE RING) at a film school. Made her feature directorial debut with GIRLS FOR INDEPENDENCE in 2004. She is regarded as one of the few successful Japanese female directors, appreciated in directing action and horror films such as THE CHASING WORLD SERIES series (episodes 3, 4 and 5) and JU-ON: BLACK GHOST. Credits World Premiere: October 21, 2013 (Tokyo International Film Festival) Japanese Theatrical Release Date: January 18, 2014 Running Time: 119 Minutes Staff Director/Screenplay: Mari Asato Executive Producer: Shinichiro Inoue Original Novel: Bilocation by Haruka Hojo (Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd) Producer: Tsuyoshi Kobayashi Cinematographer: Yuta Tsukinaga Lighting: Masahiro Kimura Sound Director: Fumihiko Yanagiya Cast Shinobu Takamura: Asami Mizukawa Takumi Mitarai: Kento Senga Yoshie Kaga: Sho Takada Kenichi Takito Yosuke Asari Wakana Sakai Kosuke Toyohara Film Production: BILOCATION FILM COMMITTEE Distributor: Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. International Sales: Kadokawa Pictures © 2014 BILOCATION FILM COMMITTEE

    Shinobu Takamura comes face-to-face with her double. © 2014 BILOCATION FILM COMMITTEE

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