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    MY DAD IS A HEEL WRESTLER Info and Photos From Showgate

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    Distributor Showgate Inc. has provided information and high-res photos from their upcoming release, MY DAD IS A HEEL WRESTLER (?????????????, Papa wa Warumono Chanpion). The live-action adaptation of the popular picture book series written by Masahiro Itabashi and illustrated by Hisanori Yoshida features the real-life professional wrestler Hiroshi Tanahashi, along with his colleagues from the wrestling world. STORY “Daddy’s job is to be a bad guy wrestler. At first, I was shocked...” 9 year-old Shota sneaks into his dad’s car to follow him to find out “What Daddy Does” to write for school. Then Shota sees for the first time that his dad, Takashi, was, in fact, the villain wrestler “Cockroach Mask”. Ashamed, Shota asks Takashi to quit his job, but Takashi says “If there’s no bad guys, the heroes don’t shine, right?” Shota is ashamed to tell anyone about what his dad does because all of his friends at school dislike Cockroach Mask. A heartwarming family drama for all working daddies, and all their families! CREDITS Japanese Release Date: Friday, September 21, 2018 Running Time: 111 Minutes Cast Takashi Omura: Hiroshi Tanahashi Shiori Omura: Yoshino Kimura Shota Omura: Kokoro Terada Michiko Oba: Riisa Naka Editor: Yo Oizumi Otomo: Ryohei Otani Ko Honda: Yasufumi Terawaki Daisuke Hirano: Yasushi Fuchikami Shohei Machida: Ukyo Matsumoto Yuri: Noa Kawazoe Staff Director: Kyohei Fujimura Original Story: My Dad`s Work is Wild and My Dad is a Heel Wrestler by Masahiro Itabashi and Hisanori Yoshida (Published by Iwasaki Bookstore) Screenplay: Kyohei Fujimura Producer: Yusuke Wakabayashi Cinematographer: Hironori Yamasaki Theme Song: "Thank You" by Yu Takahashi (Warner Music Japan / unBORDE) Production Company: Amuse, Hakuhodo DY music & pictures, TV Asahi, NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING, Bushiroad, BRIDGEHEAD Production Studio: BRIDGEHEAD, Pipeline Distributor: Showgate World Sales: Hakuhodo DY music & pictures Inc. (Showgate Inc.) © 2018 MY DAD IS A HEEL WRESTLER Film Partners

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