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    SAKURA Press Notes and Photos From Shochiku

    Photo courtesy of Shochiku. ©Kanako Nishi/ ”SAKURA” Film Partners

    Source: Shochiku Co., Ltd.
    Official Site: (Japan)


    Theatrical poster, courtesy of Shochiku. ©Kanako Nishi/ ”SAKURA” Film Partners

    Shochiku has provided information and large, high-res photos from their upcoming drama SAKURA (さくら), the story of an ordinary family that faces what seem to be devastating trials sent from God. But the family stays hopeful and mantains their sense of humor to overcome their troubles.

    SAKURA is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Naoki Prize winner Kanako Nishi. This will be the fourth big screen adaptation of Nishi’s work, following YELLOW ELEPHANT (きいろいゾウ, Kiiroi Zou, 2013), THE ROUND TABLE (円卓 こっこ、ひと夏のイマジン, Entaku Kokko, Hito Natsu no Imajin, 2014) and MAKUKO (まく子, 2019). The movie is directed by Hitoshi Yazaki, the filmmaker behind the critically acclaimed MARCH COMES IN LIKE A LION (三月のライオン, Sangatsu no Raion, 1992) — Prix de l’Âge d’or, Royal Belgian Film Archive — and STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKES (ストロベリーショートケイクス, Sutoroberī Shōtokeikusu, 2006) –Special International Jury Award, Barcelona Asian Film Festival. The ensemble cast includes Takumi Kitamura (12 SUICIDAL TEENS, YOU SHINE IN THE MOONLIGHT, LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT), Nana Komatsu (MY TOMORROW, YOUR YESTERDAY, AFTER THE RAIN), Ryo Yoshizawa (BLEACH, KINGDOM, NOT QUITE DEAD YET), Shinobu Terajima (R100, FLEA-PICKING SAMURAI) and Masatoshi Nagase (PUNK SAMURAI SLASH DOWN, TALKING THE PICTURES, WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES).

    SAKURA opens in Japan on November 13.


    Hajime is a popular, handsome man and the oldest of three siblings. His sister Miki is beautiful, albeit a little eccentric, and has an almost unhealthy obsession with Hajime. The youngest of the three is Kaoru, who is quite plain and ordinary compared to his brother and sister. And then there is Sakura, the family’s dog who is always by their side.

    The fate of this quirky but happy family changes drastically after Hajime, the family’s hero-like figure, encounters a tragic accident on New Year’s Eve that reconnects the family…

    Photo courtesy of Shochiku. ©Kanako Nishi/ ”SAKURA” Film Partners


    Japanese Theatrical Release: November 13, 2020
    Running Time: 120 Minutes

    Kaoru Hasegawa: Takumi Kitamura
    Miki Hasegawa: Nana Komatsu
    Hajime Hasegawa: Ryo Yoshizawa
    Tsubomi Hasegawa: Shinobu Terajima
    Akio Hasegawa: Masatoshi Nagase
    Yuko Yajima: Kaho Mizutani
    Kaoru: Yui Kobayashi
    Tamaki Suzuki: Kasumi Yamaya
    Masao Mizoguchi: Masaya Kato
    Ferari: Tamiyasu Cho

    Director: Hitoshi Yazaki
    Original Story: Sakura by Kanako Nishi (Published by Shogakukan)
    Screenplay: Masa Asanishi
    Producers: Takako Komatsu, Kenji Seki, Noboru Miyashita
    Cinematographer: Isao Ishii
    Music: Adam Gyorgy
    Theme Song: “Blue ID” by Tokyo Jihen (EMI Records / Universal Music)

    Production Companies: ”SAKURA” Film Partners (Shochiku, TV Tokyo, Shogakukan, ATOMIC’S, FREBARI, Happily Holdings, Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun, Yamanashi Broadcasting)
    Production: FREBARI
    Promotional Cooperation: CAMDEN
    Special Sponsorship: DOKUSO Movie Theater Japan Network Service
    Distributor (Japan): Shochiku
    International Sales: Shochiku

    ©Kanako Nishi/ ”SAKURA” Film Partners

    Photo courtesy of Shochiku. ©Kanako Nishi/ ”SAKURA” Film Partners
    Photo courtesy of Shochiku. ©Kanako Nishi/ ”SAKURA” Film Partners
    Photo courtesy of Shochiku. ©Kanako Nishi/ ”SAKURA” Film Partners
    Photo courtesy of Shochiku. ©Kanako Nishi/ ”SAKURA” Film Partners
    Photo courtesy of Shochiku. ©Kanako Nishi/ ”SAKURA” Film Partners
    Photo courtesy of Shochiku. ©Kanako Nishi/ ”SAKURA” Film Partners
    Photo courtesy of Shochiku. ©Kanako Nishi/ ”SAKURA” Film Partners
    LOgo courtesy of Shochiku. ©Kanako Nishi/ ”SAKURA” Film Partners

    About Shochiku Co., Ltd.

    Shochiku traces its origins to 1895 when Takejiro Otani presented his first stage play. They also produced the first color motion picture in Japan, and have expanded into TV dramas, video contents, Kabuki presentation, theater operations, and real estate.

    The company has become a symbol of enduring tradition as the exclusive promoter of the Kabuki theater in Japan as well as widely known as the creator of the world’s longest-running feature film series, TORA-SAN.

    The company is making all possible efforts to develop business in various fields, including multimedia and co-productions, across generation, national, and cultural borders.

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