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    SAMURAI MARATHON Debuts on Digital May 12

    Photo courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment. ©SAMURAI MARATHON 1855 Film Partners

    Source: Well Go USA, ddPR Special Thanks to Leif Helland

    Photo courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment.©SAMURAI MARATHON 1855 Film Partners

    From award-winning director Bernard Rose comes SAMURAI MARATHON (????????, 2019), the action-adventure flick with a samurai twist debuting on Digital May 12 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Rose -- whose wildly diverse career has spanned horror classics (CANDYMAN), historical romances (ANNA KARENINA) and indie dramas (IVANS xtc) -- co-wrote the screenplay with Japan’s Hiroshi Saito and Kikumi Yamagishi based on the novel The Marathon Samurai: Five Tales of Japan’s First Marathon. Inspired by a race still held yearly, the film follows an aging lord who challenges his samurai to a grueling marathon -- joined covertly by his daughter -- and the group must overcome deadly odds to survive. SAMURAI MARATHON stars Takeru Satoh (RUROUNI KENSHIN: FINAL CHAPTER), Nana Komatsu (THE WORLD OF KANAKO, SILENCE), Mirai Moriyama (RAGE, VISION), Shota Sometani (FIRST LOVE) and Danny Huston (X-MMEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, TV’s YELLOWSTONE). Well Go USA will bring SAMURAI MARATHON to Blu-ray and DVD on July 21. Produced by Academy Award winners Jeremy Thomas (THE LAST EMPEROR) and Toshiaki Nakazawa (DEPARTURES), SAMURAI MARATHON features some impressive below-the-line support, including an original score composed by modern music legend Philip Glass (THE TRUMAN SHOW), costume designs by Oscar winner Emi Wada (RAN) and cinematography by Takuro Ishizaka (John Woo`s MANHUNT). Synopsis Acclaimed filmmaker Bernard Rose has created a stunning visual feast complemented by a haunting score from iconic composer Philip Glass. Inspired by a race still held annually in Japan, Samurai Marathon is a lively action flick with a samurai twist. In late feudal Japan, a young ninja (Satoh) operates undercover in the court of an aging lord and his rebellious daughter. When the lord challenges his lazy samurai to a punishing marathon—joined covertly by Princess Yuki—the ninja finds his loyalties put to the test. Facing impossible odds, this unusual band of characters is running a race to either win or die. SAMURAI MARATHON has a runtime of approximately 104 minutes and is not rated.

    Photo courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment. ©SAMURAI MARATHON 1855 Film Partners

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