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    Yuya Ishii`s award winning comedy SAWAKO DECIDES (??????????, Kawa no Soko Kara Konnichi Wa, 2010) is now available on DVD in the United Kingdom, courtesy of Third Window Films. The film stars Hikari Mitsushima, well known to tokusatsu fans for her roles in REBIRTH OF MOTHRA II (1997), ULTRAMAN MAX (2005) and the DEATH NOTE films (2006). In recent years she has established herself with quirky performances in international cult hits like LOVE EXPOSURE (??????, Ai no Mukidashi, 2009) and KAKERA: A PIECE OF OUR LIFE (???, Kakera, 2010). Sawako (Hikari Mitsushima) has lived in Tokyo for five years, is working her fifth office job, and is dating her fifth boyfriend, who is also her boss at the office. Her life with her boyfriend Kenichi (Masashi Endo) and his daughter from a previous marriage, Kayoko (Kira Aihara), feels like a "compromise," and she endures each day feeling distressed about her career and love life.One day, she receives word that her father, Tadao (Kotaro Shiga), who runs a freshwater clam processing business in her hometown, has fallen ill. There is a reason why Sawako would rather not go back home so easily, but she reluctantly decides to return at Kenichi`s insistence. But Kenichi, who had actually quit his job shortly before Sawako, uses this opportunity to come along with Sawako to her hometown with his daughter in tow. Thus Sawako`s ordeals continue. Still, she takes over her father`s clam processing company and begins to work there. Label: Third Window Films Release date: 24 October 2011 Release type: DVD (Region 2 PAL) Certificate: 12 Running time: 112 Minutes Audio: Japanese with English subtitles Pricing: £8.99 DVD Bonus Features: Exclusive interview with director Yuya Ishii Special message from director Yuya Ishii Theatrical Trailer Trailers of other Third Window releases

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