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    The creative team behind THE DEVIL’S PATH (??, Kyoaku, 2013) -- director Kazuya Shiraishi and screenwriter Izumi Takahashi -- re-team for SUNNY (???/32, Sanii/32), an original story detailing what happens when the perpetrator of a crime that caused a nationwide uproar becomes entangled in a kidnapping. STORY It has been 14 years since the murder of an elementary school student by a classmate. The perpetrator was girl known by the nickname "Sunny" who was deified on the internet as a "the cutest murderer in criminal history". Akari Fujii (Rie Kitahara) is a middle school teacher whose private life and job are not going so well. On her 24th birthday she is kidnapped by two men (played by Pierre Taki and Lily Franky) who are fanatical followers of Sunny. The two men claim that she is Sunny and upload pictures and video of her on the internet. Meanwhile, Akari makes every effort to escape from her captivity. CREDITS Japanese Theatrical Release: February 17, 2018 Running Time: 110 Minutes Cast Akari Fujii: Rie Kitahara Isao Kashiwabara: Pierre Taki Sunny: Mugi Kadowaki Takeshi Oda: Lily Franky Staff Director: Kazuya Shiraishi Writer: Izumi Takahashi Producers: Shinichi Takahashi, Kosuke Oshida Cinematographer: Takahiro Hashibara Lighting: Koji Tanimoto Sound Recording: Tomoharu Urata Editor: Hitomi Kato Music: Kensuke Ushio Production Companies: Nikkatsu, Toei Video, Pony Canyon Distributor: Nikkatsu World Sales: Pony Canyon, Inc.

    About Nikkatsu

    As one of the oldest Japanese production and distribution company, Nikkatsu has celebrated its 100th anniversary in year 2012. Today, Nikkatsu`s diverse business activities include operation of the production studio, overseas film acquisition, distribution, a cable TV channel (Channel NECO) and a Film Course at Josai International University. It is also a member of the Yomiuri-Nippon TV group, the leading media conglomerate in Japan.

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