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    Naomitsu Hatakeyama (Shun Oguri) is betrayed by his brother in TAJOMARU: AVENGING BLADE. Photo courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment. ©2009 Tajomaru Film Partners

    Source: FUNimation Entertainment Official Movie Site: (Japan) Special Thanks to Jackie Smith and Michelle Lee

    Combo Pack art for TAJOMARU: AVENGING BLADE. Photo courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment. ©2009 Tajomaru Film Partners

    Loosely based on Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s short stories Rashomon and In A Grove (most famously adapted for the screen by Akira Kurosawa in his 1950 masterpiece RASHOMON), TAJOMARU: AVENGING BLADE (??????, Tajomaru, 2009) is directed by Hiroyuki Nakano (STEREO FUTURE) and stars Shun Oguri (SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO, CROWS ZERO), Kyosuke Yabe (SAMURAI ZOMBIE) and Hiroyuki Ikeuchi (IP MAN, SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO). On September 20th, the film comes to North America in a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack from distributor FUNimation Entertainment. In the days of feudal Japan bandits ruled the forests. Tajomaru was the king of criminals: his ruthless character terrorized villagers and royalty across the country. As the legend went, whoever killed the infamous thief inherited his name, his sword and his reputation... Naomitsu Hatakeyama (Shun Oguri) is a nobleman forced to flee the capital by conspirators embroiled in jealousy. In a desperate struggle with the nefarious Tajomaru, Naomitsu loses the love of his life, Ako (Yuki Shibamoto, I WANT TO BE A SHELLFISH), but gains a new title and the coveted blade, The Cutting Wave. As he wages war on his betrayers in furious battles - and even braves the depths of the Pit of Hell - bodies will fall and vengeance will be served by the great bandit king. Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack: Region A/1 SRP: $29.98 Street Date: September 20th, 2011 Discs: 2 Aspect ratio: 1.78:1 Audio: Japanese, English Subtitle s: English Rating: TVMA Running Time: 130 Minutes

    Michikane (Kyosuke Yabe, right) fights for his life. Photo courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment. ©2009 Tajomaru Film Partners

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