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    THE TOP SECRET: MURDER IN MIND -- New Live-Action Manga Adaptation

    Rookie agent Aoki (Masaki Okada) accesses the memories of murder victims in the science fiction thriller THE TOP SECRET: MURDER IN MIND. Photo courtesy of Shochiku Co. © 2016

    Sci-Fi Suspense from the Director of RUROUNI KENSHIN Source: Shochiku Co., Ltd. Official Site: (Japan)


    Theatrical poster. Photo courtesy of Shochiku Co. © 2016

    The legendary manga is finally a movie. Shochiku has provided some information and images from their upcoming sci-fi suspense thriller, THE TOP SECRET: MURDER IN MIND (???THE TOP SECRET, Himitsu Toppu Shiikuretto). The film is based on Reiko Shimizu`s best-selling manga series Himitsu the Top Secret, which was originally serialized in Hakusensha`s Melody magazine. THE TOP SECRET: MURDER IN MIND is directed by Keishi Ohtomo, best known for the RUROUNI KENSHIN (??????) movie trilogy. STORY Unit No.9 is a special Police detective which uncover the unsolved cold cases by using a special MRI scanner that can scan the brains of dead people in order to visualize memories from their lifetimes. Rookie agent Aoki (Masaki Okada) and No.9 unit chief Maki (Toma Ikuta) are tasked with a new mission: they must visualize the memories of a man executed for murdering his own family, and also find his daughter Kinuko (Lisa Oda), who has been missing since the tragedy. However, the images extracted from the man`s brain show that the brutal homicides were actually committed by Kinuko... CREDITS Release Date: Saturday, August 6, 2016 (Nationwide Roadshow) Running Time: 149 Minutes Cast Tsuyoshi Maki: Toma Ikuta Kinuko Tsuyuguchi: Lisa Oda Kiyotaka Kainuma: Koji Kikkawa Katsuhiro Suzuki: Tori Matsuzaka Ikko Aoki: Masaki Okada Takashi Imai: Koji Ookura Nanako Amachi: Haruka Kinami Yasufumi Okabe: Yusuke Hirayama Masaki Miura Yuki Izumisawa Ayumu Mochizuki Tomoya Maeno Mantaro Koichi Yukio Miyoshi: Chiaki Kuriyama Junichiro Saito: Lily Franky Koichi Tsuyuguchi: Kippei Shiina Shunsuke Manabe: Nao Omori Staff Director: Keishi Ohtomo Original: Himitsu the Top Secret by Reiko Shimizu Screenplay: Keishi Ohtomo, Izumi Takahashi, Lee Sork Jun, Kim Sun Mee Music: Naoki Sato Theme Song: "ALIVE" by SIA (Sony Music) Production Partners: "The Top Secret: Murder in Mind" Film Partners Planning and Distribution: Shochiku International Sales: Shochiku © 2016 "The Top Secret: Murder in Mind" Film Partners

    Logo courtesy of Shochiku Co. © 2016

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    Shochiku traces its origins to 1895 when Takejiro Otani presented his first stage play. They also produced the first color motion picture in Japan, and have expanded into TV dramas, video contents, Kabuki presentation, theater operations, and real estate. The company has become a symbol of enduring tradition as the exclusive promoter of the Kabuki theater in Japan as well as widely known as the creator of the world’s longest-running feature film series TORA-SAN. The company is making all possible efforts to develop business in various fields, including multimedia and co-productions, across generation, national, and cultural borders.

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