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    WHY DON’T YOU PLAY IN HELL? Gets US Theatrical Release

    Sion Sono`s Acclaimed Film Arrives in US Cinemas November 7th Source: Drafthouse Films Official Movie Site: (Japan), (US) Special Thanks to Ted Geoghegan

    This article contains adult language.

    Drafthouse Films is immensely proud to present WHY DON`T YOU PLAY IN HELL? (???????, Jigoku de Naze Warui, 2013), the unbelievable new genre-defying epic from Japan`s legendary Sion Sono, which hits U.S. theaters November 7th. Master filmmaker Sono (LOVE EXPOSURE, COLD FISH) describes his frenzied, gleeful new masterpiece as “an action film about the love of 35mm.” Based on a screenplay he wrote nearly fifteen years ago, WHY DON’T YOU PLAY IN HELL? is among Sono’s very best work, as his trademark excess and outrageousness is infused with an affection for the previous century of Japanese cinema. This is Sion Sono with his talent and unique vision completely unleashed. There`s a war going on, but that won`t stop the inexperienced but eager wannabe film crew The Fuck Bombers from following their dreams of making the ultimate action epic. Ten years ago, yakuza mid-boss Ikegami led an assault against rival don Muto. Now, on the eve of his revenge, all Muto wants to do is complete his masterpiece, a feature film with his daughter in the starring role, before his wife is released from prison. And The Fuck Bombers are standing by with the chance of a lifetime: to film a real, live yakuza battle to the death...on 35mm! Endlessly irreverent and wildly, hilariously visceral, WHY DON’T YOU PLAY IN HELL? is a Tarantino-esque ode to the yakuza films of yore, and features an over-the-top, blood-soaked finale for the ages. Visit the official website for screening locations and times. US Theatrical Release: Friday, November 7, 2014 Audio: Japanese Subtitles: English Running Time: 129 Minutes Rating: Not Rated

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