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    SHINOBI GIRL Now on Hulu

    The action adventure web series SHINOBI GIRL is now on Hulu. Photo courtesy of Fever Dreams. © Fever Dreams, LLC.

    New Episodes Every Two Weeks Source: Fever Dreams, LLC. press release Official Site: Special Thanks to Carl Morano Fever Dreams, LLC., the New York City based independent production company responsible for such popular cult Asian movies as THE MACHINE GIRL, TOKYO GORE POLICE and DEATH TRANCE, presents SHINOBI GIRL, an all-new American action web series exclusively on Hulu!

    Behind the scenes of SHINOBI GIRL. Photo courtesy of Fever Dreams. © Fever Dreams, LLC.

    Hulu, the leading on-demand internet streaming video service that features movies, network TV shows and original programming, kicked things off August 31st with “Some Kind Of Super Hero” the first full throttle episode of SHINOBI GIRL. Five episodes are currently available, with new episodes premiering every other Friday. SHINOBI GIRL is an action thriller that tells the tale of Noriko, a Wall Street business woman who uncovers heinous corporation corruption and barely lives to tell about it. Accused of a murder that she didn’t commit, Noriko is on the run and creates an alter-ego, SHINOBI GIRL, a masked vigilante who sets out to right the wrongs on Wall Street and protect and defend the downtrodden and exploited -- the so-called Ninety-Nine Percenters. Wanted by both the law and an evil corporation, Noriko heroically carries out her mission against a wild obstacle course of corporate stealth assassins, a street-wise detective and an annoying and aggressive TV reporter. Each episode is filled with drama, satire, intrigue and explosive swordplay set against the dazzling backdrop of New York City. Portraying SHINOBI GIRL is Alexandra Hellquist, a rising young star with numerous indie film and theater credits. Her strong background in dance contributes to the fluid, choreographed action sequences. The show is shot on location on the mean streets of New York City which gives it added authenticity. SHINOBI GIRL was created and is directed by John Sirabella, Fever Dreams CEO and executive producer of THE MACHINE GIRL and all the Fever Dreams feature productions. For more information about Fever Dreams and their movies, visit To experience SHINOBI GIRL Episodes One thru Five, visit

    Photo courtesy of Fever Dreams. © Fever Dreams, LLC.

    About Fever Dreams, LLC.

    Fever Dreams is a New York based film production studio specializing in genre movies. Fever Dreams is known for creating cult-hits like FLESH FOR THE BEAST and co-producing Japanese action movies like DEATHTRANCE and the blockbuster MACHINE GIRL. The studio owns a catalogue of Ray Dennis Steckler films and other classic features, and has even produced an anime feature, Kite: Liberator. Always active, Fever Dreams is presently working on several projects for theaters, DVD, TV and the Web.

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