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    Top 5 Sci-Fi Themed Games

    Loved all around the world, Science Fiction brings excitement, adventure and thrills to life for its fans. Be it through books, television shows or films, the genre captures the audiences’ imagination and lets it run wild in space and time. Here are some examples of the best games: BLADE RUNNER Based on Ridley Scott’s 1982 epic cinematic encounter, the BLADE RUNNER game is an absolute credit to the legacy created by the film. The game is a point and click adventure around a futuristic Los Angeles and pushed out the boundaries for both story-telling and graphics when released in 1997. Featuring the original film score, characters such as Eye-Man appear throughout the game, as well as the famous Voight-Kampf test. BIOSHOCK BIOSHOCK has become one of the best loved console releases in recent years, not only being popular with Sci-Fi fans, but the entire gaming community. The original game was supposed to be based around a “Nazi Zombies on an Island” theme, but was changed to the underwater city of Rapture to create this Sci-Fi socio-political thriller. Although the game underwent numerous changes before its release, with the overall style taking influence from the likes of Flash Gordon. STAR TREK With the rise in popularity of online gaming, it is no surprise a mobile casino game of the iconic Sci-Fi show STAR TREK has been created. Originally hitting our TV screens back in 1966, Captain Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise have entertained millions around the world with their voyage through space. The slot is a five-reeled 30 lined game, with the chance to win wild scatter symbols to enhance your chances to live long and prosper. Bonuses included up to 15 free spins with a Spock icon, 12 if Uhura`s comes up and a triple multiplier and three spins for Kirk. If you win on this slot, it’ll be life Jim, but not as you know it! PORTAL Although the gameplay only lasts two and a half hours, it is hard to find any fault with PORTAL. The aim of the game is to work out all the mysteries you find in the Aperture Sciences complex along the way, leading up to defeating GLaDOS in order to complete the Sci-Fi thriller. HALF-LIFE 2 Following the original HALF-LIFE game would always be a difficult task, but its successor more than lived up to expectations. Released back in November 2004, Gordan Freeman returns to clean up the streets of the dystopian City 17. Half-Life 2 excels in its storyline, graphics and overall gameplay, all combining to create one of the greatest Sci-Fi adventures of them all.

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