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    ALIEN VS NINJA on UK DVD and Blu-ray

    If It Bleeds... Ninjas Can Kill It! Source: The Associates Official Site: Sushi Typhoon

    Returning from a deadly mission, a band of legendary Iga Ninja warriors see a giant fireball blaze across the sky and crash into the distant forest. Rushing to investigate, they soon find themselves under attack from a pack of brutal and hungry aliens, and that none of their weapons, neither swords nor throwing stars, seem to have any effect on the savage predators. ALIEN VS NINJA (2010), one of the first titles from Nikkatsu`s new genre label Sushi Typhoon, will be released on DVD (Region 2, PAL) and Blu-ray (B/2) in the UK by Revolver Entertainment this February. ALIEN VS NINJA is non-stop martial arts mayhem meets monster mash-up in this fantastic flick packed with fast and furious fights, great gore, hilarious action and incredible stunt work. A new hybrid of science fiction and period action film brought to fans by legendary action directors and fight choregraphers Yuji (VERSUS, SHINOBI, DEATH TRANCE) Shimomura and Kensuke (MACHINE GIRL, HARD REVENGE MILLY: BLOODY BATTLE) Sonomura, and directed by Seiji Chiba! Label: Revolver Entertainment Release date: 7th February 2011 Release type: DVD, Blu-ray Certificate: 18 Running time: 81 minutes Pricing: £12.99 (DVD), tbc (Blu-ray) Genre: Action Director: Seiji Chiba Stars: Mika Hijii, Ben Hiura, Shuji Kashiwabara, Masanori Mimoto

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