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    August Region 4 DVD Releases from Madman

    Source: Madman Entertainment Special Thanks to Philippa Lamb The Australian distributor Madman Entertainment is releasing the following anime and Asian live action titles on Region 4 DVD in August, 2010...

    THE GRUDGE: WHITE GHOST/BLACK GHOST It is 10 years since the original Grudge movies appeared in Japan. We return once more to the dreaded house, to where the evil of the Grudge is spreading in two new feature films. White or Black, which is the scariest? WHITE GHOST In a certain house, a son who failed the bar examination kills five members of his family one by one. He then dies by hanging himself. At the moment of his death, he made a cassette tape recording in which he can be heard saying "I`ll go. I`ll go soon..." On the same tape can be heard the eerie sound of a young girl`s voice. The curse of The Grudge has been re-awakened. BLACK GHOST Nurse Yuko is left in charge of a young girl named Fukie, and begins to experience strange things. Medical examination reveals that there is a ?cyst` in Fukie`s body. The hatred of the unborn one is feeding off of the young girl, and cursing the people around her. This is The Grudge of someone that could not be born... Filled with an unimaginable hatred, people are killed one after the other with the curse. Release Date: 11/08/2010 Audio tracks: Dolby 4.0 Languages: Japanese Genre: Asian Cinema, Horror Subtitles: English subtitles Runtime: 116.0 mins Format: DVD, Region 4 (PAL)

    KAMUI Once a powerful ninja, Kamui walks away from his violent and murderous ways. His travels bring him to a seashore village where he meets Hanbei, a fisherman who shares the former ninja`s sense of honour. Though Hanbei`s wife is wary of the stranger, the fisherman and Kamui become good friends. Life at the seaside seems idyllic but Kamui doesn`t get to enjoy the peace for very long when, one day, a band of pirates arrive... It seems that his past life is catching up on him, and everything and everyone is not as it seems. Now he must draw upon his shadowy arts if he hopes to escape with his life. Release Date: 11/08/2010 Audio tracks: Dolby 5.1, Dolby 2.0 Languages: Japanese Genre: Action / Adventure Subtitles: English subtitles Runtime: 116.0 mins Format: DVD, Region 4 (PAL) DVD Special Features Original trailer

    SOUL EATER COLLECTION 3 Spinning a wicked web! As students of the Grim Reaper at Death Weapon Meister Academy, Maka is a Meister and Soul is her Weapon - literally. When they take on the supernatural forces of evil, Soul transforms into a razor-sharp scythe and Maka wields him in battle. He gets deadlier with every defeated soul he consumes and each victory strengthens their bond - but Maka, Soul, and their classmates might not be ready to face the darkness headed their way. After 800 years, the witch Arachne has returned to spin a web of wickedness, leading an army of ghoulish minions in a war against Death Weapon Meister Academy. As demons from the past rise amid betrayal and madness, Maka and Soul are definitely in for the fight of their lives. But, hey - luckily for the fate of the world, they`re a freakin` lethal team! Volume 3 of 4 Contains 13 episodes Release Date: 18/08/2010 Genre: Action / Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Occult / Supernatural Number of Discs: 2 Runtime: 325.0 mins Format: DVD, (PAL) Special Features Soul Eater Late Show Episode 30 commentary (Todd Haberkorn, Cherami Leigh, Jamie Marchi) Textless songs

    NANA COLLECTION 1 Fame and recognition, or love and happiness? Two girls with the same name leave their old lives behind and come to Tokyo to start fresh. What adventures await these two hopeful young women under the bright lights of the big city? Nana Osaki wants nothing more than to make it big as the singer of a rock `n` roll band, while Nana Komatsu wants to put her life in motion and get her new relationship off to a good start. When the two Nanas fall in love with the same apartment, they become roommates and then best friends, and the party has just begun! Volume 1 of 4 Contains 11 episodes Release Date: 18/08/2010 Languages: ENGLISH & JAPANESE Genre: Anime, Drama, Romance Subtitles: ENGLISH subtitles Number of Discs: 2 Runtime: 286.0 mins Format: DVD, Region 4 (PAL)

    Kouichi dreams of being a hero, but in reality he`s a punching bag for every bully on the block. His life flatlines when the mysteriously naked Emi crash lands on his pitiful existence, thrusting Kouichi into the middle of an intergalactic showdown between rival races of self-regenerating Machinas. Through his death-bed partnership with the Linebarrel mecha, Kouichi gains the strength to stand up to his tormentors and crush the alien invasion force that`s determined to conquer Earth. There`s just one problem: all this newfound power and special attention from nearly naked babes is turning Kouichi into a jerk. His friends can`t stand him, he makes his dream girl sick, and those aliens want to kill him extra dead! Kouichi may have the mechanized muscle to save the world, but he has much to learn about being a true "Hero of Justice." Volume 1 of 2 Contains 13 episodes Release Date: 18/08/2010 Audio tracks: ENGLISH & JAPANESE Languages: ENGLISH Genre: Science Fiction, Anime, Mecha Subtitles: ENGLISH subtitles Runtime: 325.0 mins Format: DVD, Region 4 (PAL) Special Features Actor commentary Promotional video Original Japanese TV spots Music video Textless songs

    KURAU PHANTOM MEMORY COLLECTION The ultimate fusion of human and alien... Her name is Kurau, and in a world of mercenary agents, she`s the cream of the elite; a master martial artist and thief so skilled that no secret or objective is beyond her grasp. The greatest secret of all, however, is the one Kurau conceals inside herself. The freak result of a disastrous experiment with a new kind of energy, Kurau`s body has been fused with a binary alien life form called the Rynax. Every second Kurau lives is lived twice; one alien sharing her consciousness, the other still waiting to be born... and now none of those lives may last very long! The truth about Kurau has begun to leak out, a worldwide manhunt has been launched, and now the ultimate agent is the ultimate target. Contains episodes 1-24 Release Date: 18/08/2010 Languages: ENGLISH, JAPANESE Genre: Action / Adventure, Anime, Science Fiction Subtitles: English subtitles Number of Discs: 4 Runtime: 600.0 mins Format: DVD, Region 4 (PAL) Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Original Aspect Ratio Special Features Textless Songs

    IKKI TOUSEN DRAGON DESTINY (SEASON 2) VOLUME 3 When dragons gather - the fight for destiny! With Sonsaku`s apparent death, Nanyou`s position in the Kanto region is in question. Discussions with Seito bring Koumei`s long-term plans into focus, and the two schools join forces against their common foe, Kyoshou. Its leader, Sousou, continues to lose more of himself to his ancient namesake and when he is consumed entirely, it`s his friend who pays the price. History continues to be replayed, and the circumstances leading to another Battle of Red Cliffs fall inexorably in place. When dragons appear in the sky, only an ancient orb can change the tide for those fighting against their destinies. Volume 3 of 3 Release Date: 18/08/2010 Languages: ENGLISH & JAPANESE Genre: Action / Adventure, Anime, Martial Arts Subtitles: ENGLISH subtitles Runtime: 100.0 mins Format: DVD, (PAL) Special Features Textless opening and closing Promotional video OVA episodes 5-6

    GURREN LAGANN COLLECTION In his sky-less cavern of a village Simon toils daily, drilling holes to expand his stifling little world until one day he makes an extraordinary discovery: a small glowing drill-bit and the man-sized mecha it activates. Before he can give it a second thought Simon`s dragged into a plot to break through to the surface by the local gang leader Kamina, only to have the ceiling come crashing down on top of them under the weight of a giant monster! It somehow falls onto the boisterous Kamina and the cowardly Simon to defend their village, but once they defeat the monster what awaits the duo on the surface world? Release Date: 18/08/2010 Languages: ENGLISH & JAPANESE Genre: Action / Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Mecha, Science Fiction Subtitles: ENGLISH subtitles Number of Discs: 6 Runtime: 650.0 mins Format: DVD, Region 2 & 4 (PAL)
    DRAGON BALL Z KAI COLLECTION 1 The Legendary Z Reborn! The last descendants of an evil race of warriors known as the Saiyans are on a collision course with Earth, and Goku - the strongest fighter on the planet - is all that stands between humanity and extinction. To save his friends and the world he loves, Goku must travel to a realm from which few return, but should he survive, he`ll discover the power to face the villainous Saiyan warlord - Prince Vegeta. Volume 1 of 9 Contains episodes 1-13 Release Date: 18/08/2010 Audio tracks: Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1, English Dolby Digital 5.1 DTS Languages: ENGLISH & JAPANESE Genre: Action / Adventure, Anime, Dragon Ball Subtitles: ENGLISH subtitles Number of Discs: 2 Runtime: 325.0 mins Format: DVD, (PAL) Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Original Aspect Ratio

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    Madman is a leading independent entertainment distribution and rights management company specializing in wholesale distribution of video and DVD movies into retail and rental stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. Other rights management activities undertaken by Madman include theatrical distribution as well as licensing for television, VOD, hotel, airline and merchandising. Madman is strongly niche focused and driven by staff who are passionate about their products. They are Australia`s leading distributor of anime, Australian and global independent film, Asian cinema, Bollywood, action sports and other special interest genres.

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