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    DRAGON WARS: D-WAR Press Notes

    Buraki the Evil Imoogi hunts on the streets of Los Angeles in DRAGON WARS: D-WAR, coming to theaters across America on September 14. Photo courtesy of D-War Production Office. © 2007 Younggu Art Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    Source: Younggu Art Entertainment, Freestyle Releasing Official Site: DRAGON The following press notes were provided by Younggu Art and Freestyle Releasing for their upcoming release DRAGON WARS: D-WAR, which opens in American theaters on September 14, 2007. The text is © 2007 Younggu Art Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    US logo for DRAGON WARS: D-WAR. Photo courtesy of D-War Production Office. © 2007 Younggu Art Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    FREESTYLE RELEASING and SHOWBOX Present A Film by HYUNG RAE SHIM DRAGON WARS: D-WAR A Younggu Art Production IN THEATRES SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 Synopsis: The story begins with Ethan Kendrick, a TV reporter. While investigating a disaster that occurred at the Seven Palms Resort, he notices that the ground is turned up all around and forklifts have been tumbled over. It looks like a hurricane has gone by. Ethan notices the FBI investigator dusting off a specimen with a brush. It looks like a giant dinosaur fossil or scale. He videotapes it on his Handycam. Back at CGNN Headquarters in downtown, Ethan examines the image of the scale. While he is looking at his computer screen, he has a flashback to when he was a boy. At an antique shop with his father, young Ethan meets a man named Jack. The old man tells him a story about giant serpents called Imoogi, a story that most have presumed to be merely a legend.

    Sarah Daniels (Amanda Brooks) and Ethan Kendrick (Jason Behr) flee from Buraki`s forces. Photo courtesy of D-War Production Office. © 2007 Younggu Art Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    Five hundred years ago in ancient Korea, a baby girl was born with a gift called the Yuh Yi Joo. The Yuh Yi Joo will completely form inside her by the time she turns twenty. An Imoogi who possesses it can transform itself into a dragon. An old monk and his disciple are the only two who believe this legend and try to protect the Yuh Yi Joo bearing girl. Haram, the warrior who is charged with protecting her falls in love with her. Instead of sacrificing her to the Imoogi, the two lovers plunge to their deaths. Jack tells young Ethan that he is the old monk re-incarnated and that Ethan is the warrior. The old man tells Ethan he must find a girl named Sarah, who bears the mark of a dragon on her shoulder. He is to take her to the Grand Cave on her twentieth birthday. Ethan searches for this mysterious woman named Sarah. Meanwhile, the Evil Imoogi, named Buraki has appeared in Los Angeles with its army of foot soldiers and beasts. The FBI also connect the disaster and the scale to Sarah. They are all looking for Sarah. Ethan must protect Sarah from the Imoogi and save the city from total destruction. Ethan must ultimately choose between love and destiny. Director’s Statement: I came up with the concept of DRAGON WARS: D-WAR ten years ago with the goal to create a science-fiction film based on a Korean legend. My intentions were to combine myth and history with elements of a blockbuster science fiction film. The drama of the 5000 year-old Korean legend, the dragon, is the basis of the DRAGON WARS: D-WAR screenplay. DRAGON WARS: D-WAR is based on the Imoogi legend that only exists in Korea. An Imoogi is a serpent that by possessing the Yuh Yi Joo can transform into a dragon. About the Cast: JASON BEHR (as Ethan) hails from Minneapolis, MN, where he began his career early on in theater.

    ROSWELL and THE GRUDGE`s Jason Behr stars in DRAGON WARS: D-WAR. Photo courtesy of D-War Production Office. © 2007 Younggu Art Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    Upon arriving in Los Angeles, he moved quickly into film and television projects. His film, THE GRUDGE, directed by Takashi Shimizu, was enormously successful. The film was shot entirely on location in Japan and was released by Columbia Pictures. Jason co-starred with Sarah Michelle-Gellar, and the film was Executive Produced by Sam Raimi. Other film credits include: Lasse Hallstrom`s THE SHIPPING NEWS , based on Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Annie Proulx. The film was shot in Nova Scotia, and Jason was part of a distinguished cast that included: Kevin Spacey, Dame Judi Dench, Julianne Moore and Cate Blanchett. For his role as "Dennis Buggit," Jason was awarded the "Breakthrough Performance" Award by Movieline Magazine. Jason also starred in the indie film, SHOOTING LIVIEN, directed by Rebecca Cook. Jason plays the role of "Livien," a promisingly talented singer/musician who struggles to regain his life after he slides into psychosis and drug addition. The film premiered at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas. On television, Jason starred for three seasons as "Max," the misunderstood alien teenager on the dramatic series, ROSWELL. Jason`s upcoming film projects include: the horror thriller, SKINWALKERS, to be released by Lion`s Gate Films; the Indie drama, SENSELESS, directed by British director Simon Hyand; and THE TATTOOIST, directed by New Zealander Peter Burger. CRAIG ROBINSON (as Bruce) is a series regular on the NBC hit show THE OFFICE. He has previously starred on the FX Series LUCKY with John Corbett. He has guest starred on numerous episodics, including NBC`s FRIENDS, FOX`s BERNIE MAC and HBO`s CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM . Robinson can also be seen in Tyler Perry`s film DADDY`S LITTLE GIRL and Judd Apatow`s KNOCKED UP. In addition, he is currently shooting the lead role in the film PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. Robinson has also performed on late night, including THE JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW, HBO`s SKETCHPAD and REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER. Robinson first shined at the 1998 Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, which led into a development deal at FOX Broadcasting Company. He also won the 1998 Oakland Comedy Festival as well as the Miller Genuine Draft 1996 Comedy Search. Robinson is now selling out comedy clubs across the country.

    Sarah (Amanda Brooks) in ceremonial garb. Photo courtesy of D-War Production Office. © 2007 Younggu Art Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    He attributes his wit, charm and comedic gifts first to family, and then to the days when imitating Richard Nixon brought laughter to everyone. His first real taste of performing was in college, where the extraordinary material, delivery and commanding stage presence, was developed. He had a gift, and the Chicago comedy clubs took notice, as audiences raved about this fresh, about-face comedy. Robinson hopes to follow in the footsteps of previous Montreal, Oakland and Miller Genuine Draft performers including Jay Leno, Jamie Foxx, Ray Romano and D.L. Hughley. AMANDA BROOKS (as Sarah) was born in New York and educated in England. Amanda immediately pursued a career in acting after graduation from the prestigious UK prep school, Bryanson. Three years ago, she moved to Los Angeles to train with Ivana Chubbuck. With her unique combination of notable talent and irresistible charm, she quickly began landing leading roles in several feature films including THE RIVER`S END opposite Sam Huntington and Caroline Godall, FLIGHTPLAN opposite Jodie Foster, CUT OFF opposite Faye Dunaway and Malcom McDowell, and MIDDLETOWN opposite Loren Dean. ROBERT FORSTER (as Jack) received his Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in JACKIE BROWN during a phenomenal resurgence in his career. He had described his career as having, "a five year upwards first act and a twenty-five year sliding second act," but since his nomination has worked non-stop in a prestigious slate of projects for film and television. He has co-starred in both major studio fare and artistic independent films.

    Robert Forster as Jack. Photo courtesy of D-War Production Office. © 2007 Younggu Art Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    A native of Rochester, N.Y., Forster began his acting career in local community theater. Moving to New York City in 1965, he made his professional debut in the two-character Broadway production of MRS DALLY HAS A LOVER. His other stage credits include A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, THE GLASS MENAGERIE, and off-Broadway productions of TWELVE ANGRY MEN, THE SEA HORSE, and ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO`S NEST. "You can`t give up," Forster tells young actors. "If you have a good attitude, always do your best work, and hang in there, you can win in the late innings." But it does help to have a Quentin Tarantino out there as one of your big fans. AIMEE GARCIA (as Brandy) has balanced numerous roles in theatre, film, and television, and remains busier than ever with a slate of upcoming projects. This television season, she went from guest star to series regular on ABC`s THE GEORGE LOPEZ SHOW. Recently, Garcia was cast in three upcoming films to begin shooting in 2007. B-GIRL, an autobiographical film about the country`s best female break dancer, LOLA GOES TO ROMA with Victoria Abril and Raoul Bova and EGO alongside Mekhi Phifer and Eve. On the silver screen, Garcia can currently be seen in Columbia Pictures` LIES & ALIBIS starring John Leguizamo and will kick off 2007 with the upcoming film releases, 7EVENTY 5IVE and Paramount Pictures` GRADUATION, where she plays Suzy Winters, a no-nonsense all-American punk. Past film credits include DIRTY, an urban tragedy, starring opposite Cuba Gooding Jr., the narration of James L Brooks` SPANGLISH, THE GOOD GIRL, A LOT LIKE LOVE, and the Tribeca Film Festival award-winning film BORICUA. On the small screen, Garcia is often remembered for her roles as a series regular in two WB sitcoms. She starred as "Maria," the popular cheerleader daughter who lives to torture her little brother in GREETINGS FROM TUCSON and starred opposite Anthony Anderson as " Lydia," a medical student who faints at the sight of blood and rents a room from the family in ALL ABOUT THE ANDERSONS. Additional guest appearances include LAS VEGAS, CSI: NY, ANGEL, THE AGENCY, RESURRECTION BLVD and ER.

    The Evil General (Michael Shamus Wiles) leads the Atrox Soldiers. Photo courtesy of D-War Production Office. © 2007 Younggu Art Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    ELIZABETH PEÑA (as Agent Linda Perez) was born in New Jersey and raised in New York, and grew up with an appreciation and passion for the arts. Peña recently starred in the film DOWN IN THE VALLEY with Edward Norton and David Morse, in which she played a woman who has a one-night stand with Norton`s character; TRANSAMERICA, where she played a psychiatrist to a transgendered Felicity Huffman; and THE LOST CITY, Andy Garcia`s directorial debut, shot on location in the Dominican Republic. Peña garnered rave reviews for the CBS telefilm SUBURBAN MADNESS, based on the true story of a woman who runs over and kills her cheating husband with her Mercedes. She starred as "Clara Harris," the wife driven to murder. Peña is also working with PBS Kids, where she can be heard in the cartoon THE MISADVENTURES OF MAYA y MIGUEL as the voice of `Rosa Santos,` the mother of 10-year-old twins. The series is also voiced by Lucy Liu and Erik Estrada. She also lent her voice as the seductive hero/villain "Mirage" in Pixar`s blockbuster hit THE INCREDIBLES. Peña also demonstrated her ability to perform behind the camera when she directed an episode on Nickelodeon`s THE BROTHER`S GARCIA. The occasion marked her directorial debut. Peña joined the Director`s Guild of America, becoming only the fourth Latina member of the union at that time. On television, Peña`s credits include HBO`s TEN TINY LOVE STORIES, BOSTON PUBLIC, CSI: MIAMI, BORDERLINE; the Emmy Award-winning DRUG WARS: THE CAMARENA STORY, Showtime`s ALDRICH AMES: TRAITOR WITHIN and THINGS BEHIND THE SUN, THE OUTER LIMITS, DEAD MAN`S GUN, and the Emmy winning THE SECOND CIVIL WAR with Beau Bridges. She also had a recurring role on L.A. LAW, starred in the John Sayles penned SHANNON`S DEAL, and her own sitcom I MARRIED DORA.

    Buraki attacks the Saint George Hospital in his search for Sarah. Photo courtesy of D-War Production Office. © 2007 Younggu Art Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    About the Filmmakers: HYUNG RAE SHIM (Director – Writer – Executive Producer) is often called the George Lucas of Asia. Shim established Younggu Art Movies in 1993 with a vision of making high concept science fiction films using state of the art computer technology. DRAGON WARS: D-WAR is his seventh feature film. Selected by Asia Week as a leader in the 21st century, Shim has also been showcased on CNN and NHK as a leading film professional in Asia. JAMES B. KANG (Producer) studied literature at UC Berkeley and cultural studies at UC San Diego. He writes fiction and screenplays. He was a fan of Hyung Rae Shim as a comedian. When they met six years ago, Kang committed himself to becoming a producer who makes sure that a film gets done, from development to production, and to its afterlife on the big screen. His goal for DRAGON WARS: D-War is to make it become a successful model of US/Korean co-production.

    Buraki corners Ethan and Sarah high above the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of D-War Production Office. © 2007 Younggu Art Entertainment Co.

    HUBERT TACZANOWSKI (Director of Photography) is a graduate of Cinematography at the famed Lodz Film School in Poland. Hubert has been the Director of Photography on 19 feature films and two television series. His films have been screened at the Sundance, Venice, Toronto, Edinburgh and Berlin Film Festivals. TIM ALVERSON (Editor) started his career as a production assistant at Lion’s Gate Studios. Born in Seattle, Washington, his life long ambition was to become a Film Editor. At the age of twelve, he wrote, directed, starred in and, of course, edited the super eight thriller Monster Movie. STEVE JABLONSKY (Music) studied Music at University of California, Berkeley, and shortly after, began to work with one of the most influential composers in Hollywood today, Hans Zimmer. His unique sound has already become familiar in THE ISLAND, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and the sensational television hit series DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. MARK MANGINI (Supervising Sound Editor) is considered a guru in Hollywood when it comes to creature sounds, if not a living legend as a creator of sound for film. From blockbusters to dramatic classics to big-budget animations, Mark Mangini has made good on the industry adage that 50% of a movie is sound. DRAGON WARS: D-WAR Written and Directed by HYUNG RAE SHIM Producer JAMES B. KANG Director of Photography HUBERT TACZANOWSKI Production Designer PAMERLA B. WARNER Editor TIM ALVERSON Composer STEVE JABLONSKY Supervising Sound Editor MARK MANGINI

    Character posters for the Korean release. © 2007 Younggu Art Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    CAST Ethan Kendrick JASON BEHR Sarah Daniels AMANDA BROOKS Jack ROBERT FORSTER Brandy AIMEE GARCIA Bruce CRAIG ROBINSON Agent Frank Pinsky CHRIS MULKEY Agent Judah Campbell JOHN ALES Agent Linda Perez ELIZABETH PENA Zoo Guard BILLY GARDELL Hypnotherapist HOLMES OSBORNE Psychiatrist NICOLE ROBINSON Secretary of Defense GEOFFREY PIERSON Young Ethan CODY ARENS Reporter KEVIN BREZNAHAN Sarah’s Mother JODY L. CARLSON Head Doctor DOMINIC OLIVER Dr. Austin CRAIG ANTON Sarah’s Nurse PATRICIA LEE Homeless Man ELOY CASADOS Mystery Driver ALAEX MOTLEY Bounty Hunter #1 MATTHIAS HUES Bounty Hunter #2 GREGORY HINTON Bounty Hunter #3 DEREK MEARS Bounty Hunter #4 GEARD GRIESBAUM Receptionist Nurse RETTA Nurse #1 JANE SILVIA Screaming Office Worker ENCI Detective ROB ROY FITZGERALD FBI Agent EHAN GRANT LA SWAT JOE DON HARRIS Homeless Man JAMES INTVELD Helicopter Pilot JAMIE KALER and PETE KASPER Dae Shil (voice) JAMES K. LEE Christine Shim KERRY LIU Pizza Delivery Guy NATHAN MILLS Dude #1 ANTHONY MOLINARI Hospital Guard ART OUGHTON Evil General MICHAEL S. WILES Young Sarah CHEYENNE A. DEAN CREW 1st Assistant Director JONATHAN SOUTHARD 2nd Assistant Director ALEXA MOTLEY 2nd 2nd Assistant Director BILL GREENFIELD ART DEPARTMENT General Foreman JOE BARDEN Construction Coordinator STEVEN DeSANTIS Production Assistant MELANIE HUBBARD Lead Scenic MAUREEN KROPF MUSIC DEPARTMENT Music Editor TOM TRAFALSKI SOUND DEPARTMENT Supervising Sound Editor MARK MANGINI Sound Designer MARK BINDER Sound Editor RICHARD TAYLOR Sound Editor DAVE WHITEHEAD Boom Operator JOSH BOWER Sound Mixer: USA THOMAS CURLEY Foley Artist CATHERINE HARPER Re-recording Mixer RODRIGO PARRAGA CAMERA AND ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT Post-Production Supervisor DOOHO CHOI Additional Editor MATTHEW BOOTH Production Coordinatior TARA L. CRAIG Set Production Ass. ARTHUR EDMONDS III Digital Int. Producer D.R. FARQUHARSON Composer: Add. Music JONATHAN FLOOD Orchestrator ROSSANO GALANTE Special Aerial Photographer RON GOODMAN 1st Assistant Editor RICK GRAYSON Casting Associate REBECCA GUSHIN Supervising Digital Colorist MICHAEL HATZER Costumer DAVID HEIFETZ Driver GARY JACKSON Key Production Secretary MIN SOO KIM Best Boy Electric JOSHUA STERN Still Photographer CLINTON WALLACE Electrician SAM WAYMAN Camera Operator AIKEN WEISS Lighting Technician MATT ZSCHOCHE MISCELLANEOUS CREW Post-Production Supervisor DOOHO CHOI Additional Editor MATTHEW BOOTH Production Coordinatior TARA L. CRAIG Set Production Ass. ARTHUR EDMONDS III Digital Int. Producer D.R. FARQUHARSON Composer: Add. Music JONATHAN FLOOD Orchestrator ROSSANO GALANTE Special Aerial Photographer RON GOODMAN 1st Assistant Editor RICK GRAYSON Casting Associate REBECCA GUSHIN Supervising Digital Colorist MICHAEL HATZER Costumer DAVID HEIFETZ Driver GARY JACKSON Key Production Secretary MIN SOO KIM Transportation Co-Captain JOHN W. BARBEE Costume Intern ELYSE LAIN ADR Voice JAMES K. LEE Assistant Color Timer JACK LEWARS Supervising Digital Int. Pro. LOAN PHAN Composer: Add. Music PIETER SCHLOSSER Script Supervisor TRACY SCOTT Production Assistant JIM SHARON Color Timer ROYCE SMITH Key Costumer BESS STANSELL Set Costumer SMANTHA E. WHITE Set Production Assistant MICHAEL SWININGER Animator RYAN ZUNKLEY Title Design RYAN ZUNKLEY PRODUCTION COMPANY YOUNGGU ART Since its establishment in 1993, Younggu Art has focused on producing science-fiction films, and raising the standards of special effects films in Korea. Younggu Art is looking towards the global box office with its latest epic, DRAGON WARS: D-WAR. DISTRIBUTION COMPANY SHOWBOX/MEDIAPLEX INC. Showbox, a division of Orion Group conglomerate, launched in 2002 aiming to become a major entertainment company in Korea, with business categories of film production, investment and distribution. Releasing over 25 films per year, Showbox has positioned itself as the top market player in Korea. SPECIAL EFFECTS YOUNGGU ART Younggu Art starts with design illustration, miniatures, modeling, and electronics and renders that into CGI images that later become positive live action computer programming. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Younggu Art and Freestyle Releasing have also launched the official website DRAGON The site is loaded with features including the theatrical trailer, cast and crew profiles, concept designs for the monsters, music samples, downloadable character icons, examples of fx composite shots, wallpaper and poster art downloads, and an interactive "Bulco Hunt" game. For additional information on DRAGON WARS: D-WAR, please see the previous coverage here on SciFi Japan:

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