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    EVANGELION 2.22 on Region 1 DVD and Blu-ray

    Second "Rebuild of Evangelion" Film Streets March 29th Source: FUNimation Entertainment press release Official Movie Site: (US), (Japan) Special Thanks to Jackie Smith Brutal mechanized action explodes on a grand scale as towering cyborg gladiators— the Eva Units— fight for the fate of the world in the new feature film EVANGELION: 2.22 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE, coming to Blu-ray and 2-disc DVD in North America on Tuesday, March 29th. The home video editions from FUNimation Entertainment present the theatrical anime movie EVANGELION: 2.0 (Evangelion Shin Gekijoban: Ha, 2009), digitally mastered and with upgraded scenes.

    In the earliest battles against the monstrous Angels, young Eva pilots Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami were forced to carry humanity’s hopes on their shoulders. Now, with the deadly onslaught of the Angels escalating and the apocalyptic Third Impact looming, Shinji and Rei find their burden shared by two new Eva pilots, the fiery Asuka Langley Shikinami and the mysterious Mari Illustrious Makinami. Maneuvering their enormous Eva machines into combat, the four young souls fight desperately to save mankind from the heavens— but will they be able to save themselves? Take home the second chapter in the monumental "Rebuild of Evangelion" movie series and see for yourself what some critics are calling “simply gorgeous.” Featuring an all new English language track, EVANGELION 2.22 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE is sure to please animation enthusiasts of all kinds. Specs Video: 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen (16:9 enhanced) Number of discs: 2 (DVD)/ 1 (Blu-ray) Rating: TV14 Audio: English and Japanese 6.1 Surround Runtime: 115 Minutes SRP: DVD $24.98/ Blu-ray $29.98 Release Date: March 29, 2011 Extras Disc 1: • U.S. Cast Commentary • Trailers Disc 2: • Rebuild of EVANGELION 2.02 • "I Would Give You Anything" Scene NOGUCHI Version • Omitted Scenes • Original Trailer • Train Channel Spot • Japanese TV Spots

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