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    GAMERA 3 and GAMERA TRILOGY Blu-ray Updates

    Final cover art for Mill Creek`s GAMERA 3: REVENGE OF IRIS Blu-ray. The disc will be released on September 27th. © 1999 Kadokawa Pictures, Inc.

    Cover Art and Special Feature News; Plus a DAIMAJIN Update! Author: Keith Aiken Source: Mill Creek Entertainment Special Thanks to Barrett Evans and Roy McAree


    Rejected GAMERA 3 cover design that almost made the cut. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment. © 1999 Kadokawa Pictures, Inc.

    Mill Creek Entertainment has provided some updates regarding their upcoming Blu-ray release of Kadokawa Pictures` GAMERA 3: REVENGE OF IRIS (???3 ?????????, Gamera 3: Jyashin Iris Kakusei, 1999) and the GAMERA TRILOGY Collector`s Edition. The cover artwork for GAMERA 3 has been completely revised and now features images from the film (see the previous design here). The disc also comes with a variety of special features from GAMERA 3 and its prequels, GAMERA: GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE (??? ???????, Gamera Daikaiju Kuchu Kessen, 1995) and GAMERA 2: ATTACK OF THE LEGION (???2 ??????, Gamera 2: Region Shurai, 1996). The selection of bonus material will include... GAMERA: GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE: Gamera Behind the Scenes Camera Test and Special Effects GAMERA 2: ATTACK OF THE LEGION: Uncut Version of the The Salvo Scene Behind the Scenes of the Kasuminome Airfield Scene, Miki Mizuno’s First Experience, The Subway Jerks to a Halt, The Police Block Off Odori Station, Identifying the Crater, Impressive Scream, Jumping Off a Jeep, On-set in a Subway Tunnel Shooting Groups of Legions Safety First How to Wear a Small Legion Suit For Yukino’s Fans Creating the Costume for Legion Legion with Damage Civilian Houses Blasted Explosion Shots in Kasuminome Special Effect explosions Gamera Puppet Special effects Gamera can fly

    Gamera and Iris battle inside Kyoto Station. © 1999 Kadokawa Pictures, Inc.

    GAMERA 3: REVENGE OF IRIS: Deleted Scenes Camera Test & Special Effects On-Location Creating the Monsters The Awakening of Iris Remix Theatrical Trailers A typo on the GAMERA TRILOGY slipcase art has also been corrected. The set will package GAMERA 3 with the previously released Blu-ray Double Feature of GAMERA: GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE and GAMERA 2. There will be no extra content exclusive to the GAMERA TRILOGY, so anyone who has already purchased last year`s Gamera Double Feature won`t miss out if they opt to buy only GAMERA 3 rather than the box set. "The same special features will be on both the GAMERA 3 disc and the TRILOGY," explained Barrett Evans, Vice President of Marketing for Mill Creek. "We just felt it would be confusing to line-list the bonus materials from G1 and G2 on the G3 Blu-ray. But we’ll certainly be letting the fan communities know of their inclusion." Mill Creek`s GAMERA 3: REVENGE OF IRIS (SRP $9.98) and GAMERA TRILOGY ($19.98) Blu-rays are scheduled for release on September 27th. In other Kadokawa monster movie news, Mill Creek revealed that the Blu-ray release of the classic Daimajin trilogy has been moved to late 2012. The films were pushed back to give the company ample time to go over the master materials and content for potential bonus features.

    The corrected slipcase cover art for the GAMERA TRILOGY Collector`s Edition. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment. © 2011 Kadokawa Pictures, Inc.

    About Mill Creek Entertainment

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