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    GAMERA THE BRAVE Coming to Blu-ray

    A new Gamera comes to mankind`s aid in GAMERA THE BRAVE, available on Blu-ray this may from Media Blasters. © 2006 Chiisaki Yushatachi-GAMERA-Film Partners

    HD Release Goes on Sale May 22nd Source: Media Blasters, Inc. Special Thanks to Carl Morano

    Promotional art for GAMERA THE BRAVE. Photo courtesy of Media Blasters. © 2006 Chiisaki Yushatachi-GAMERA- Film Partners

    Distributor Media Blasters has announced plans to release the 2006 daikaiju movie GAMERA THE BRAVE (????????????, Chiisaki Yusha-tachi Gamera) on Blu-ray in North America this May. The twelfth film in the long-running Gamera series -- and the first to be produced by Kadokawa Pictures -- GAMERA THE BRAVE takes the monster back to his “The Friend of All Children” roots. The movie opens forty years ago, as the giant fire-breathing turtle Gamera disappears during a battle against the flying monsters called Gyaos. In 2006, a young boy named Toru Aizawa (Ryo Tomioka) discovers a turtle egg on a beach. The egg hatches in his hand, and Toru decides to keep the tiny newborn as a pet. But when the little turtle starts flying and breathing fire, Toru realizes that he has found a baby Gamera. The young monster grows quickly, and is soon put to the task against Zedus, a giant man-eating sea monster. But the new Gamera is no match for his bigger, stronger, and faster opponent and suffers terrible wounds during the battle. Now Toru must help Gamera recover from his injuries and put an end to Zedus. GAMERA THE BRAVE was directed by Ryuta Tazaki (MASKED RIDER DECADE, KAMEN RIDER 000 & W FEATURING SKULL) with special effects by Isao Kaneko (GODZILLA VS BIOLLANTE, TETSUJIN 28). The creature costumes and props were made by Tomoo Haraguchi, director of DEATH KAPPA. GAMERA THE BRAVE was previously released on DVD by Media Blasters` Tokyo Shock label in December 2008. The upcoming Blu-ray edition, scheduled to street on May 22nd, will feature a new high-definition transfer provided by Kadokawa.

    Blu-ray Specs

    Japanese theatrical poster. © 2006 Chiisaki Yushatachi -GAMERA-Film Partners

    Title: GAMERA THE BRAVE Production Date: 2006 CAT # TSBD-1213 Street: 5/22/2012 ISBN: 1598838377 UPC: 631595121384 Age Rating: NR SRP: $19.99 Number of Discs: 1 Languages: Japanese Dolby Surround 2.0/5.1, English Dolby Surround 5.1 Subtitles: Slates, English Running Time: 96 minutes Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Special Features: TV spots Theatrical Trailer Tokyo Shock Trailers Director`s Lecture: How to Make a Gamera Film


    Kadokawa Pictures, Japan Film Fund, Nippon Television Network, Yahoo! JAPAN present A KADOKAWA HERALD PICTURES Production GAMERA THE BRAVE

    The sea monster Zedus challenges Gamera. © 2006 Chiisaki Yushatachi-GAMERA- Film Partners

    Ryo Tomioka, Kaho, Kanji Tsuda, Susumu Terajimak, Kaoru Okunukik, Shingo Ishikawa, Shogo Narita, Kenjiro Ishimaru and Tomorowo Taguchi Theme Song: mink Visual Effects: Hajime Matsumoto Creature Models: Tomoo Haraguchi SFX Director: Isao Kaneko Sound Effects: Kenji Shibasaki Editing: Shogo Hirasawa Sound Mixer: Masato Yano Lighting Director: Toshiatsu Kozuma Art Director: Yuji Hayashida Cinematography: Kazuhiro Suzuki Music: Yoko Ueno Screenplay: Yukari Tatsui Director: Ryuta Tasaki

    Kousuke Aizawa (Kanji Tsuda) and his son Toru (Ryo Tomioka) witness a war between monsters. Photo courtesy of Kadokawa Pictures. © 2006 Chiisaki Yushatachi-GAMERA-Film Partners

    About Media Blasters, Inc.

    Founded in 1997, New York City based Media Blasters was created to give sub-culture media the treatment and distribution usually only afforded to pop-culture offerings. Some of Media Blasters` most well known labels include AnimeWorks, specializing in Japanese animation, Tokyo Shock, specializing in Asian film, and Shriek Show, specializing in horror. Engaging in licensing, production, localizing and distribution, MB has handled groundbreaking titles like the perennial blockbuster BERSERK, Adult Swim`s MORIBITO: GUARDIAN OF THE SPIRIT, action hit VERSUS, cult classic ICHI THE KILLER and the legendary original VOLTRON DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE TV series. Media Blasters has even opened the door to new productions, creating sub-culture favorites like DEATHTRANCE and MACHINE GIRL.

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