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    Anime Series Available January 25, 2011 Source: FUNimation Entertainment Official Site: (Japan), (US) Special Thanks to Manny Alcala Life and Death. It`s nothing but a game. He thought he was dead. The last thing Kei remembers is the train running over his own body. But now he is in a room filled with strangers, all resurrected by a strange, featureless black sphere known only as the Gantz. Caught in a strange realm between life and death, Kei and the others must undertake brutal missions that the Gantz assigns. Otherwise, none of them will live long enough to leave the room. Is it a game? A nightmare? All Kei knows is that this reprieve from death may only be temporary. If they fail, they will die again... Excitement is building for the live-action feature film GANTZ (??, 2011), which will make its world premiere at 334 movie theaters across the United States in an exclusive one-night-only event this Thursday, January 20th. And following hot on the heels of that premiere comes GANTZ: THE COMPLETE SERIES (2004), a Region 1 DVD anime set from FUNimation Entertainment which streets on January 25th. Based on a hit manga series created by Hiroya Oku, the GANTZ anime was directed by Ichiro Itano (ANGEL COP, BLASSREITER) and produced by Gonzo, the studio behind such titles as BLUE SUBMARINE NO. 6 (1998), HELLSING (2001), FULL METAL PANIC! (2002), CHRONO CRUSADE (2003), SAMURAI 7 (2004), GANKUTSUOU (2004), AFRO SAMURAI (2006), and ORIGIN: SPIRITS OF THE PAST (2006). GANTZ debuted on Fuji Television on April 12, 2004 and ran for a total of 26 episodes over two seasons. The first season was heavily edited for television due to its use of nudity and extreme violence, but the episodes were later issued uncut on DVD. FUNimation acquired the North American license to the GANTZ series after the previous rights holder ADV Films went out of business in 2009. GANTZ: THE COMPLETE SERIES is the first release in FUNimation`s new "Anime Classics" line, which the distributor described as "a greatest hits collection of older anime titles". Each Anime Classics release will contain a complete series or season of an animated show and retail for under $50. GANTZ: THE COMPLETE SERIES contains all 26 episodes of the show, complete and uncut with both Japanese and English audio tracks and English subtitles.


    Gantz is a sexually-charged sci-fi head-trip, a gory experiment in flesh and blood where the only thing worse than dying is dying again. If you are chosen by the bizarre black sphere known as the Gantz, you are already dead. You remember dying, yet you can eat, sleep, have sex; it feels a lot like life. Strangers join you in this limbo. While some are good, some are very bad. All are dead like you – for now. You might be able to reclaim your mortality. But first, the Gantz demands that you undertake missions of brutality and madness, killing aliens hidden among the population. It is your only chance and you have no choice. You must play this disturbing game. You must experience this nightmare. And if you die again – and you likely will – it’s permanent.


    Release Date: January 25, 2011 Suggested Retail Price: $49.98 Rated: TV MA Episodes: 26 on 4 Discs Running Time: 650 Minutes Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, Japanese Stereo Subtitles: English Extra Features: • Interview with Director Ichiro Itano • Interview with Director Ichiro Itano and CG Director Yasuhiro Kato • Gantz Music Video • Textless Opening Songs • Textless Closing Song • Trailers

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