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    ToQ 1Gou explodes into action in the new KAMEN RIDER GAIM/RESSHA SENTAI TOQGER movie double feature. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. ©

    Toei Publicity Materials for New Double Feature Source: Toei Co., Ltd. Official Site: (Japan) Translations: John Paul Cassidy

    Theatrical poster for the double feature. Image courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. ©

    For the fourteenth year in a row, Toei has released a theatrical double feature starring the current incarnations of their top henshin hero franchises; the Super Sentai and the Kamen Riders. The 2014 entry pairs the heroes of the new Super Sentai television series RESSHA SENTAI TOQGER (????????????, Ressha Sentai Tokkyuujaa, 2014-2015) with a soccer-themed adventure for the characters of KAMEN RIDER GAIM (?????????????, Kamen Raidaa Gaimu, 2013-2014). As is customary for the Toei hero double features, the two films are separate stories rather than a crossover between Kamen Rider Gaim and the Toqgers. Generally the Sentai film in the fall double bills is designed as a stand-alone adventure that often feels like a big-budget TV episode, while the modern Rider films tend to be continuity-heavy affairs that explore the TV show`s setting or characters in new ways. While it is easy to sit down and watch the Sentai shorts as stand-alone films, the Rider films are often difficult to appreciate without some familiarity with the TV show. To some extent, the double bills as they are currently produced are intended to appeal to fans of Kamen Rider on television first and foremost. The KAMEN RIDER GAIM and RESSHA SENTAI TOQGER double feature opened in Japanese cinemas nationwide on Saturday, July 19, 2014. The mid-summer launch is a break from the standard release pattern for the Super Sentai/Kamen Rider double features, which traditionally have opened in the fall. The following text is translated from Toei`s press notes for the two films...

    Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. ©

    KAMEN RIDER GAIM: GREAT SOCCER BATTLE! GOLDEN FRUITS CUP! Japanese Title: ??? ???????? ????????????????? (Gekijooban Kamen Raidaa Gaimu Sakkaa Daisakusen! Kogane no Kajitsu Soodatsu-hai!) ? Introduction The world is in your hands! To get the forbidden fruit, youths have gained fighting power for the coming days that will put our future at risk! "Fruits," "locks" and "armored warriors" are the 3 combined motifs that gave birth to the 15th Heisei Rider Series, KAMEN RIDER GAIM. Gaim, Baron, Ryugen, Zangetsu-Shin, and Bravo appear, along with numerous individual "Armored Warriors," amid an unraveling violent battle, each moment of which heralds a countdown to the impending downfall of humanity... and this polished story will appeal to all generations. While the series expereinced an unprecedented surge, this traditional "Summer Movie Tie-In" for the series was being sketched out, featuring all of the Armored Riders and presenting a new character, the "Golden Fruit Rider," in this action-packed presentation! A great activity studded with popular characters fighting over the "Golden Fruit." With action of this year`s World Cup now completed, the authentic collaboration with the soccer world is realized! This summer, it`s a "Double-Kick" of Kamen Rider and soccer, and the world is the prize!! ? Story All Armored Riders, set off for the front!! Here, a soccer game will decide the fate of the world...

    Yuya Sumii is back from the dead... or is he? Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. ©

    Shrouded in cheers is the Sawame City Stadium. Before long, the battle between Kota Kazuraba (Kamen Rider Gaim)`s Team Gaim and Kaito Kumon (Kamen Rider Baron)`s Team Baron will begin, and this battle is no Inves Game. The players` victory or defeat will be decided... with a game of soccer. The "All Riders Cup" is gradually reaching its climax. Among the members of Team Gaim is Yuya Sumii, who was reportedly killed some time ago. Also competing in the game is Team Charmont (Oren, Jonouchi, and Hase), and Team Genesis (Takatora, Sid, and Yoko). The prize of the game is the "Golden Fruit," which will grant a wish for the last player standing. "Something`s wrong," Kota noticed. Why did the Helheim vegetation wither in Sawame City? Why are Yuya and Hase still alive? And what is the true form of the mysterious boy Lapis, who occasionally appears before Kota!? Kota`s anxiety has predicted a "disaster" that has just begun. One by one, the Armored Riders are being defeated by a new Rider -- Mars -- who obtained unspeakable power by gaining the "Golden Fruit." Was this really the key to the whole conspiracy!? Kota must prepare for an imminent crisis, greater than anything he has ever experienced! Cast Kota Kazuraba: Gaku Sano Kaito Kumon: Yutaka Kobayashi Mitsuzane Kureshima: Mahiro Takasugi Mai Takatsukasa: Yuumi Shida Zack: Gaku Matsuda Peco: Saku Momose Yuya Sumii: Hiromi Sakimoto Ryoji Hase: Atsushi Shiramata Hideyasu Jonouchi: Ryo Matsuda Kiyojiro Bando: Tomohisa Yuge Takatora Kureshima: Yuki Kubota Ryoma Sengoku: Tsunenori Aoki Yoko Minato: Minami Tsukui Lock Dealer Sid: Kazuki Namioka Oren Pierre Alfonzo: Metal Yoshida Chucky: Kanon Tsuyama Rika: Miina Yokota Rat: Ren Ozawa DJ Sagara: Tomomitsu Yamaguchi Lapis: Taketo Tanaka Kogane: Ainosuke Kataoka Crew Original Concept: Shotaro Ishinomori Screenplay: Jin Haganeya Director: Osamu Kaneda Music: Kosuke Yamashita Action Director: Hirofumi Ishigaki (Japan Action Enterprise) Special Effects Director: Hiroshi Butsuda (SFX Institute) Production: "Gaim · ToQger" Movie Production Committee Distributor: Toei International Sales: Toei

    The evil Kamen Rider Mars crosses swords with Kamen Rider Gaim. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. ©
    Logo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. ©

    ToQger in their Safari-Ressha forms. Front to back: ToQ 1Gou Lion, ToQ 2Gou Eagle, ToQ 3Gou Cat, ToQ 4Gou Alligator and ToQ 5Gou Panda. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. ©

    RESSHA SENTAI TOQGER THE MOVIE: GALAXY-LINE SOS Japanese Title: ???????????? THE MOVIE ?????????SOS (Ressha Sentai Tokkyuujaa Za Muubii Gyarakushiirain Esuooesu) ? Introduction Running along the route of light, the "Rainbow-Line," the righteous "Ressha" ("strong train" - a portmeantau of "retsu" = "violent," "fierce," "extreme" and "ressha" = "train") is always in harmony. To break the conspiracy of the route of darkness, the "Shadow-Line," young warriors reach out for their vast imagination... Children of all ages have been fascinated with the "train" motif of the 38th Super Sentai Series, RESSHA SENTAI TOQGER (Strong Train Task Force Tokkyuger).

    Right (Jun Shison) -- aka ToQ 1Gou -- amuses some kids while his teammates look on. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. ©

    Young people who discarded their childhood memories have armed themselves with an abundance of imagination, and thus become the team ToQger to fight an evil that surrounds our world in darkness. Their wish is for peace among people, and to regain their memories. No matter how painful the battle, teamwork and imagination will beat a path to victory. In this "Summer Movie Tie-In" for the series, Safari-Ressha will run along a new route, a new cosmic loop-line called "Galaxy-Line." The greatest charm of this work is the skilled combination of top-notch miniature and CG FX, lavishly crafted for the tokusatsu scenes. This is best entertainment movie for children who dream of the future and grown-ups who never forgot their dreams. All aboard, for the hope of Japan, the world, and the entire Earth... ready for departure! ? Story Now, the "Ressha" are bound for space!? Galaxy-Line, set forth!! A vast route, the "Galaxy-Line," runs in the void of space. Just like the "Rainbow-Line," this route was also dreamed up by human imagination. However, when Safari-Ressha rides along this Galaxy-Line, they are attacked by the "Shadow-Line" Space Field`s Count Nil, who rides aboard the Kurainer. Lion, the head vehicle of the Ressha, becomes detached during the assault. Although the ToQgers arrive on Earth by way of the Rainbow-Line, they cannot return to space. The energy shortage worsens, threatening to erase the Galaxy-Line from existence... According to Safari-Ressha`s Conductor Lady, the decrease in human imagination is the cause of the energy shortage. Right (aka ToQ 1Gou), who still believes in human imagination, comes up with a strategy to return to space with Lady in Safari-Ressha. But Count Nil and his "Shadow Creep" monster Hound-Shadow stand in ToQger`s way and, with each passing moment, time is running out. Can ToQger protect the Galaxy-Line? Cast Right: Jun Shison Tokatti: Jin Hiramaki Mio: Riria Hikari: Ryusei Yokohama Kagura: Ai Moritaka Akira Nijino: Shin Nagahama Lady: Haruka Fukuhara Count Nil (Voice): Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada) Conductor: Tsutomu Sekine Ticket (Voice): Kappei Yamaguchi Wagon (Voice): Yui Horie Baron Nero (Voice): Jun Fukuyama Madame Noir (Voice): Aya Hisakawa General Schwarz (Voice): Haruhiko Jo Miss Glitta (Voice): Noriko Hidaka Emperor of Darkness Z: Kengo Ohkuchi Crew Original Concept: "Saburo Yatsude" Screenplay: Yasuko Kobayashi Director: Noboru Takemoto Cinematographer: Fumio Matsumura Music: Haoka Kei Action Director: Hirofumi Fukuzawa Special Effects Director: Hiroshi Butsuda (SFX Institute) Production: "Gaim · ToQger" Movie Production Committee Distributor: Toei International Sales: Toei

    Count Nil vs. ToQ 1Gou. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. ©
    Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. ©
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