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    MINKY MOMO Now Available on Amazon Instant Video

    Classic English Dubbed Movie Now Available to U.S. Audiences Source: William Winckler Productions press release Special Thanks to William Winckler

    Anime studio Production Reed and William Winckler Productions have brought the classic 1982 magical girl anime series FAIRY PRINCESS MINKY MOMO (???????? ???? ??, Mahoo no Purinsesu Minkii Momo) to U.S. audiences as new English-dubbed feature films, now available as Downloads to Own on Amazon Instant Video. Each Amazon Instant Video Download to Own MINKY MOMO movie runs 82-minutes, and retails for $14.95. The first movie is titled MINKY MOMO: THE FAIRY PRINCESS OF DREAMLAND. The entire 1982 MINKY MOMO series will eventually be released as new English dubbed compilation feature films on Amazon. In MINKY MOMO, a princess from a magical world is sent to Earth to help people recover their lost hopes and dreams. Using her magic, and with the aid of her magical dog, monkey and bird, Minky -- known on Earth as “Gigi” -- encounters amazing adventures. The films are full of charming, character driven stories involving good deeds and life lessons, with little Minky often using her magic to transform into a young adult woman to help others in trouble. First Title: MINKY MOMO: THE FAIRY PRINCESS OF DREAMLAND Retailer/Channel: AMAZON INSTANT VIDEO / DOWNLOAD TO OWN Running time: 82 minutes Retail Price: $ 14.95 UPC: 889290117922 Amazon Title #: 432357 Studio: Production Reed/Winckler Productions Amazon Instant Video Link:

    About Production Reed & William Winckler Productions

    For the past 40 years, anime studio Production Reed, headed by Mr. Toshihiko Sato, has produced countless hours of anime for TV, OVAs, and Feature Films. The studio’s most famous character is the magical girl Minky Momo. William Winckler Productions, Inc. has produced and distributed English dubbed anime series in America since 1984. The Hollywood company, run by writer/producer/director William Winckler, has worked with many of the major studios in Japan, on popular series and feature film titles such as TEKKAMAN THE SPACE-KNIGHT, GAIKING, DANGUARD ACE, STARZINGER, and dozens of others.

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