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    movieSPREE Is Launching “31 NIGHTS OF FRIGHT” Promotion With a Free Horror Movie Each Day in October

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    Stream A New Horror Movie Each Day In October For Free With No Ads, Commercials or Contracts on movieSPREE Apps and Website!
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    The recently launched transaction-based streaming service movieSPREE,is thrilled to announce a spook-tacular promotion for the entire month of October. The 31 Nights of Frightwill offer a daily ‘Freebie Jeebie’- a free horror movie a day to stream without any interruptions, commitments and best of all, NO ADS! The entire bundle of 31 movies can be added to your movieSPREElibrary for a special, discounted price of only $10.31.

    The horror lineup includes:

    Oct 1 Night of the Living Dead (1968)
    Oct 2 Attack of the Monsters
    Oct 3 House on Haunted Hill
    Oct 4 Zombie Shark
    Oct 5 Ghostquake
    Oct 6 Did I Kill My Mother?
    Oct 7 Status: Unknown
    Oct 8 The Atomic Brain
    Oct 9 Monsters from a Prehistoric Planet
    Oct 10 Vipers
    Oct 11 The Stranger Beside Me: The Ted Bundy Story
    Oct 12 Sisterhood of Murder
    Oct 13 The Clown at Midnight
    Oct 14 The Manster
    Oct 15 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2007)
    Oct 16 Sudden Fury: A Family Torn Apart
    Oct 17 Attack of the Giant Leeches
    Oct 18 Ghost Shark
    Oct 19 Ghouls
    Oct 20 Eye of the Beast
    Oct 21 House of Bones
    Oct 22 House of the Living Dead
    Oct 23 Chrome Angels
    Oct 24 Silent Night, Bloody Night
    Oct 25 Santa Jaws
    Oct 26 Flora
    Oct 27 Gamera the Invincible
    Oct 28 Monsterwolf
    Oct 29 Arachnoquake
    Oct 30 Headless Horseman
    Oct 31 American Horror House

    Be sure to tune in each day for your daily scare by launching the movieSPREE app on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android devices or by visiting our website at Don’t want to wait? Buy the entire binge-worthy collection of horror flicks right now at

    About movieSPREE

    movieSPREE is a new streaming alternative service from Mill Creek Entertainment, the home entertainment industry’s leading independent studio, giving movie buffs and cord-cutters an exciting new destination to build a digital library. With apps now available on Roku, Apple TV / iOS, Amazon Fire TV, and Android devices, movieSPREE is available without long-term contracts, subscription fees or advertisements. movieSPREE has a robust assortment of bingeworthy film and TV bundles, genre-based collections and specially curated compilations. For more information, please visit or

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