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    New Promotional Art For Takashi Miike`s THE GREAT YOKAI WAR: GUARDIANS

    Photo courtesy of Kadokawa Pictures. © 2021 “Great Yokai War” Guardians

    Source: Kadokawa Pictures
    Official Site: (Japan)


    Kadokawa Pictures has provided SciFi Japan with new promotional artwork for their upcoming film, THE GREAT YOKAI WAR :GUARDIANS (妖怪大戦争 ガーディアンズ, Yōkai Daisensō Gādianzu). Director Takashi Miike returns for the sequel to his 2005 hit THE GREAT YOKAI WAR, which was itself an update of the yokai movie trilogy produced by the Daiei Motion Picture Company in the late 1960s.

    THE GREAT YOKAI WAR :GUARDIANS will be distributed to Japanese theaters by Toho in 2021.

    Kokoro Terada stars as Kei Watanabe, an elementary school student with a connection to the yokai. Photo courtesy of Kadokawa Pictures. © 2021 “Great Yokai War” Guardians

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