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    Non-Godzilla Kaiju Films That Are Worth Watching

    GAMERA: THE GIANT MONSTER. Photo courtesy of Joyplex. © Kadokawa Pictures, Inc. 1965

    Everyone has different ways to relax, and for us it’s watching monsters wreck cities. Very few will dispute that Godzilla is the ultimate Kaiju. Since its first appearance in Ishir? Honda’s 1954 sensation, movie fans around the world have watched avidly as Godzilla has wreaked havoc on numerous cities during its many reinventions. The eagerly anticipated sequel to Warner Bros 2014 reboot is slated for release in 2018. To ensure you don’t miss out on your monster fix in the meantime, here is a list of some heavyweight kaiju films old and new that are certainly worth your time! GAMERA: THE GIANT MONSTER Some people will claim that Gamera simply rode off the back of Godzilla’s success. Although there are many similarities, over the years Gamera has gained popularity and become an exceptional kaiju in its own rite. Check out the original GAMERA: THE GIANT MONSTER (1965). Or if you prefer a slightly more updated version, take a look at the 90s reboot. Japanese toy company X-Plus Co. Ltd recently commissioned new Gamera figures based on the 1995 installment. Gamera certainly makes our Kaiju Hall of Fame.


    PACIFIC RIM In Guillermo de Toro’s nod to the kaiju genre, human operated ‘Jaegers’ battle it out with kaiju straight from the get go. This 2013 blockbuster cuts right to the chase and thrusts you into the middle of the action. If like your kaiju with a little bit of sci-fi on the side, then check it out. PACIFIC RIM packed in some big name actors and exceptional computer-generated imagery making it Guillermo de Toro’s most commercially successful film of all time, though some say he didn’t get the Kaiju element completely right. Be sure to give it a watch in time for the advent of its second installment.

    THE HOST. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures. © 2006 Chungeorahm Film

    THE HOST THE HOST is a Southern Korean Kaiju film that certainly knows how to grab your attention. The titular creature, thought to be brought to existence after being exposed to chemical waste emerges from the Han River and immediately terror ensues. The plot centers round a father’s struggle to rescue his daughter from the clutches of the monster. The creature, although not of gargantuan proportions like some of the others we’ve mentioned is made all the more terrifying due to the emotional connection we form with the human characters of the Host. The film invests time in charting the bonds between the humans as they try to reclaim the city. Kang-ho Song as the fraught father is powerful. Those of you who are fans of Netflix’s recent sci-f- show Sense8 may find yourself staring at a familiar face in Bae Doona who plays the sister of Kang-ho Song’s character. This Asian Film Awards winner is certainly a must for anyone interested in the kaiju genre. Some people read a book, other will play a few games in new bingo sites 2016 to relax, but for a change why not check out these films?

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