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    SNOW MONSTER VS ICE SHARK -- Chinese Giant Monster Mash-Up Now Available on DVD


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    Source: ITN Distribution, Inc.
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    The independent film company ITN Distribution has released the Chinese giant monster movie SNOW MONSTER VS. ICE SHARK (大雪怪, Dàxuě guài, 2019) on DVD in North America. Directed by Huang He (UNDERGROUND MONSTER) and starring Juncheng Wu (UNKNOWN CONTROL), Yongxian Zhang (RESTART THE EARTH) and Tang Xin (LAND SHARK), the film follows representatives of a genetic research corporation who are attacked by giant creatures while on an expedition to an unknown area on the edge of the Arctic.

    © 2018 Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Company

    SNOW MONSTER VS. ICE SHARK is now available from Amazon and other major retailers (Walmart, Best Buy, etc) nationwide. The movie is presented in English and 2.35:1 widescreen, has a runtime of 82 minutes and a SRP of $15.99 .

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