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    SRS Cinema Licenses Takashi Miike's THE GREAT YOKAI WAR: GUARDIANS!

    Bushin, the new Daimajin, joins forces with the Yokai in THE GREAT YOKAI WAR: GUARDIANS. Photo courtesy of Kadokawa Pictures. ©2021 The Great Yokai Wars Film Partners

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    SRS Cinema is proud to announce the acquisition of Kadokkawa Pictures' THE GREAT YOKAI WAR: GUARDIANS (妖怪大戦争 ガーディアンズ, Yōkai Daisensō Gādianzu, 2021), director Takashi Miike's sequel to his 2005 hit THE GREAT YOKAI WAR, which was itself an update of the Yokai movie trilogy produced by the Daiei Motion Picture Company in the late 1960s.

    THE GREAT YOKAI WAR: GUARDIANS brings back many of the classic Yokai from folklore and the earlier movies. It also introduces Bushin, a new interpretation of of the ancient god Daimajin from Daiei's 1966 movie trilogy.


    In the year 20xx, cities located along the Fossa Magna, a fault runs from north to south across the Japan island, are destroyed by what it appears to be a storm or an earthquake. The route of the destruction points towards Tokyo.

    Meanwhile, in Beijing, Yokai from around the world come together for an international conference  known at the "Yummit". They discover that Yokai monsters formed from ancient underwater fossils have combined into one giant Yokai and are moving toward the Pacific Ocean... an act that could lead to mass destruction. Human beings cannot see them and are therefore unaware of the threat, but the underworld, which cohabits with the human world, is also in danger of being destroyed. The Japanese Yokai are asked to handle the situation and two leaders of that group, Nurarihyon (Nao Omori) and Inugami Gyobui (Takao Osawa), step up to take matters into their own hands.

    The Yokai decide to revive the legendary God of War Bushin to confront the Yokai monsters. However, to bring Bushin back, they will need help from a descendent of the ancient Yokai hunter, Tsuna Watanabe. They find a schoolboy named Kei (Kokoro Terada) and his younger brother Dai (Rei Inomata). The two youngsters have often played at tests of courage, but now destiny has chosen them for a great adventure...


    Much more details to be announced, but there will be a special Blu-ray from SRS Cinema, with a DVD/Digital release to follow. 

    Photo courtesy of SRS Cinema. ©2021 The Great Yokai Wars Film Partners

    Photo courtesy of Kadokawa Pictures. ©2021 The Great Yokai Wars Film Partners

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