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    Two LOST SKELETON Movies Screen in Hollywood

    THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA and the All-New Sequel THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN Play the Egyptian Theatre Official Movie Website: THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN Event Website: American Cinematheque Special Thanks to Michael Schlesinger

    THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA was an affectionate, meticulous and hilarious re-creation of the notoriously cheap and cheesy black and white sci-fi/horror movies of the mid-1950s... those films quickly made in the wilds of Bronson Canyon for a few thousand bucks. Writer/Director Larry Blamire headed a cast including Fay Masterson (THE QUICK AND THE DEAD, EYES WIDE SHUT), Andrew Parks (DONNIE BRASCO), Brian Howe (CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, DEJA VU) and Jennifer Blaire (THE MAJESTIC) as a gaggle of beloved stereotypes in pursuit of "that rarest of all radioactive elements - atmosphereum." THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA premiered at the 2001 Mill Valley Film Festival in California. Following a screening at the American Cinematheque`s Egyptian Theatre in early 2002, the film was acquired by Sony Pictures, who gave the picture a limited theatrical release followed by distribution on DVD and cable television. THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA received rave reviews from the likes of Variety and The Los Angeles Times and quickly developed a loyal cult fan following as one of the most quotable movies of recent years.

    The main cast and crew reunited for the 2007 sci-fi comedy TRAIL OF THE SCREAMING FOREHEAD, the first film in the "Ray Harryhausen Presents" line. In 2007 Blamire formed his own production company, Bantam Street, and the team turned their attention to the sequel THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN. They are currently in post-production on DARK AND STORMY NIGHT (2009), a spoof of 1930s-era haunted house/murder mystery pics, and are planning their next film, VOYAGE TO THE PLANET OF SPACE. Next Sunday, November 9, the American Cinematheque will host "Lost Skeleton Day" at the Egyptian Theatre. THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA will return to the scene of the crime at 5:00pm, with THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN making it`s Los Angeles premiere at 7:30. The second film will be followed by a cast and crew Q&A moderated by producer Mike Schlesinger (GODZILLA 2000). Tickets are available in advance at the Egyptian box office or through Fandango. The Egyptian is at 6712 Hollywood Blvd., 2 blocks east of Highland. Sunday, November 9 - 5:00 THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA. 2004, Sony Repertory, 89 min. Dir. Larry Blamire. If you missed it before or just need a refresher, here`s the original cult favorite! It`s the early 60`s and Dr. Paul Armstrong (Larry Blamire) and his lovely wife Betty (Fay Masterson) head into the mountains in search of a recently fallen meteor containing the rare element atmosphereum. Paul needs it to help him with his science work, but Betty`d just as soon have a vacation. Also in the area, sinister Dr. Roger Fleming (Brian Howe) asks trusty Ranger Brad (Dan Conroy) the whereabouts of Cadavra Cave, mysterious home to rumors of a legend of a "lost skeleton." That night, both parties witness what appears to be yet another meteor falling. Immediately after, a local farmer is killed by a horrible, unseen "thing." Is there a connection?

    Indeed there is. The second meteor is actually a crashing alien spaceship with a spiffy couple from the planet Marva (Andrew Parks, Susan McConnell) onboard. The aliens discover they also need atmosphereum to power their (ahem) high tech ship, and notice their horrible pet mutant (Darrin Reed), which they travel around with for some reason, has escaped! Dr. Fleming steals some of their space gizmos and creates -- by morphing four different forest animals -- a beautiful dancing nymph (Jennifer Blaire), whom he christens, "Animala." The Armstrong`s charge is to stop the mutuant, the skeleton, and the evil scientist, as well as befriend the curious Marvans. Can they do it? The gleefully deadpan recreation of those ultra-cheap `50s sci-fi horror movies will be shown with Ub Iwerks` 1937 cartoon classic, SKELETON FROLICS. Writer/Director/Star Larry Blamire will introduce the screening.

    Sunday, November 9 - 7:30 - Los Angeles Premiere! THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN. 2008, Bantam Street, 91 min. Dir. Larry Blamire. Moms, hold tight your children`s fragile little fingers! Girls, don`t go outside without your boyfriends! The immortal skeleton lives! Because he is immortal! America`s leading scientists warn: the lost and found bones could soon be in your town! Dr. Paul Armstrong, missing in the Amazon Jungle for two years and now a bitter alcoholic because science let him down, is needed by the government to help find a powerful new rock, Jerranium 90. His loyal wife Betty knows he’ll probably come home when he’s ready, but doesn’t hesitate to join the expedition. Also along is Peter Fleming, twin of Dr. Roger Fleming, trying to restore the family name, who finds among the stuff he inherited from his brother a skull that begins to take him over. Seems the only thing that will restore the Lost Skeleton’s body is the legendary ‘Dalp of Annacrabb,’ which just happens to be made of…Jerranium 90. And so, led by Jungle Brad— twin brother of Ranger Brad— the expedition is soon underway, encountering characters old and new as they seek to obtain the powerful rock in the only place it can be found: the dreaded ‘Valley of the Monsters.’ Hot on their trail are villains who want the same thing, and will stop at nothing until they get the same thing. This bigger, better, bonier sequel moves up the budgetary scale from Ed Wood to Sam Katzman, containing some nifty special effects and a dynamic musical score, along with the expected hilarious performances and Blamire`s trademark loopy dialogue. But you can still see the wires! Discussion following with the cast and crew.

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