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    US Theatrical Screenings Announced for THE GREAT YOKAI WAR

    Media Blasters and Tokyo Shock bring the acclaimed Takashi Miike film to American theaters and DVD Source: Media Blasters, Inc.

    The gathering of good yokai brings together (from l to r) Tenoume, Kasabake, Bakenekko, Noterabo, Shojo, Kawataro, Snow Woman, Zashiki, General Nurarihyon, Furu Furu, Lamp Oil, Namahage, the Long Necked Woman, Mitsume Kozo, Kawahime, and Kamakiri. Photo courtesy of Horizon Entertainment. © 2005 Kadokawa Pictures, Inc.

    New press release:

    Check back with SciFi Japan in the next few days for additional information on THE GREAT YOKAI WAR and the American Cinematheque`s Japanese Giant Monsters Festival.

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