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    YUZO THE BIGGEST BATTLE IN TOKYO -- First Trailer Released


    Old-School Tokusatsu Kaiju Return!
    Source: Team Better Tomorrow
    Special Thanks to Avery Guerra

    The the first trailer for the upcoming daikaiju movie YUZO THE BIGGEST BATTLE IN TOKYO (『特撮喜劇 大木勇造 人生最大の決戦』, Tokusatsu Kigeki Ōki Yūzō Jinsei Saidai no Kessen) has been released. Written and directed by Yoshikazu Ishii (ULTRAMAN GINGA, ULTRAMAN GINGA S, ATTACK OF THE GIANT TEACHER), YUZO THE BIGGEST BATTLE IN TOKYO boasts a cast and crew made of veterans from tokusatsu cinema and television including Masanori Machida (GAPPA: THE TRIPHIBIAN MONSTER, THE GREEN SLIME, ZATOICHI, ULTRASEVEN, MASKED RIDER SKYRIDER, ULTRAMAN TIGA),  Takehiko Fujita (ATTACK OF THE GIANT TEACHER, THE METHOD OF THE KEY THIEF, FAMILY HAPPINESS),  Takashi Toyoda (ATTACK OF THE GIANT TEACHER), Hironobu Nomura (GAKKOU NO KAIDAN - SCHOOL GHOST STORIES, ULTRAMAN GINGA, KAMEN RIDER EX-AID), Yusuke Sugiyama (SHIN GODZILLA, ULTRAMAN GINGA), Takuya Fujisaki (RONIN STREET, ULTRAMAN TIGA), Daniel Aguilar (SHIN GODZILLA, DEATH KAPPA) and Tetsu Saiki (BATTLE ROYALE).


    In the year 2020, the world is threatened by a new coronavirus. The impact of the virus is not only on health but also on the economy, and Yuzu Ooki, who was enjoying his remote life, is easily laid off.

    Somehow, he manages to find a new job, but what awaited him was a crazy group of people, including a money-grubbing president, a fitness instructor with no members, a garbage thief who only collects waste, a gambling salesman, and a man who stays inside a stuffed animal. However, after being pushed around by these selfish people, he gets desperate when he is dumped by his girlfriend.

    Just then, a lifeform from outer space comes into contact with Yuzo's crazy co-workers and fuses with their madness, creating an explosion of energy that plunges the city into chaos. The only person who can save the city from this crisis is Yuzo. Having been thrown into the depths of disappointment, he now rises to the occasion.



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