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    Bandai Unveils New Radio Controlled Mechagodzilla 1974

    Author: Daisuke Ishizuka Source: Dream Planet Japan, Inc. Special Thanks to Koichi Kawakita


    Among the most popular toys in Japan are the Chogokin (super metal) line; die-cast metal figures of robot, anime, and movie characters. In 2003, Bandai made the Chogokin Mechagodzilla 1974 (based on the design from GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLA), which was followed in 2006 by the Chogokin Mechagodzilla 1975 (from TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA). Both had big success in quality and sales. Now, a high-specification model Mechagodzilla is coming from Bandai... the Radio Controlled-type Mechagodzilla (1974 model).

    Specifications: Approx. 50cm (20 inches) tall Rotating head (action for making energy shield) Mouth opens/closes Arms move up/down Hands rotate at the wrists Flashing lights in eyes, mouth and fingertips Chest opens and flashes light (but it cannot shoot the cross-attack beam lasers) Installed sound effects for each action And, of course, the radio controlled Mechagodzilla can walk smoothly. Mr. Koichi Kawakita recently visited the Bandai offices in Tokyo to give his appraisal of the new Mechagodzilla toy. Mr. Kawakita is the Tokusatsu (special effects) director of the Heisei Godzilla series (GODZILLA VS BIOLLANTE to GODZILLA VS DESTOROYAH), Toho sci-fi movies and TV hero series. He was also the chief assistant FX director of GODZILLA vs MECHAGODZILLA (1974) under Mr. Teruyoshi Nakano, and now runs his own visual effects company called Dream Planet Japan. Mr. Kawakita was very surprised by the scale, features and action of the prototype RC Mechagodzilla model. He also said that he liked the design of the remote control. The RC Mechagodzilla 1974 (model name is still tentative) will be in Japanese stores and available from online retailers later this year. The retail price is not yet decided. In 2008, the invasion of the earth by the Black Hole Aliens will be successful through the RC Mechagodzilla.

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