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    Clash of the Titans: King Kong vs. Godzilla

    Review of the new King Kong vs. Godzilla Resin Kit From Alternative Images Author: Loren Portillo Photos courtesy of Alternative Images

    The Eighth Wonder of the World faces off with the King of the Monsters in this amazingly detailed model kit sculpted by Joe Laudati. © 2006 Alternative Images

    Of all the great monsters of the silver screen, none have had the endearing longevity of King Kong and Godzilla. Many model and garage kits have attempted to capture these two fantastic monsters in many shapes and versions, but rarely has a garage kit been made to specify both monsters fighting it out in their original forms, until now! Presented by Alternative Images, this giant 14 inch kit called Clash of the Titans is just what it is. Decently priced at $200, this kit is expertly sculpted by renowned monster modeler Joe Laudati. This model work extravaganza will be a great addition for Kong and Godzilla collectors alike.

    King Kong gets a leg up on Godzilla. © 2006 Alternative Images

    Presented in 25 resin and cold cast pieces, this is a complex kit and should be built and assembled by the experienced modeler. Joe Jaudati has done many Harryhausen kits, which are considered legendary among the garage kit world and he does not disappoint with his attention to detail on this kit. This is Laudati’s specialty. He gives this kit a lot of vitality and shows what might have happened if the true original movie monsters “battled it out.” The Kong Model looks a lot like the 1933 original with a touch of Mighty Joe Young added. I cannot, however, judge what incarnation Godzilla resembles. You would figure that it would be like the ‘64 version. However, it looks more like the FINAL WARS Godzilla and that’s not such terrible a thing. In the past ten years, I have seen KING KONG VS. GODZILLA duplicated from different models, combined together to make a two piece kit. That seems like a fine idea. But once together, the pieces didn’t fit well and had a “mis-matched” look to them. Thanks to Alternative Images and Joe Laudati, that is the thing of the past. For more info log onto or contact them at Alternative Images 114 Hunter Road Schenectady NY 12303. Phone # (518) 355-7958.

    Two more images of the new King Kong vs. Godzilla Resin Model Kit. © 2006 Alternative Images
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