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    Crunchyroll to Simulcast Upcoming NARUTO SHIPPUDEN #97

    Source: BAM! Marketing, Publicity & Promotions press release Official Site: Special Thanks to Chase Wang NARUTO continues his journey to assist Team Kakashi in next week`s (Thursday; February 19, 2009; 3:00 am PST) simulcast, with Japan, of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN #97 on the fully anime licensed site and leading online destination for anime - Crunchyroll. The leading online anime distributor will simulcast the newest episode for Anime Subscription Members and also provide free viewing of the previous week`s simulcast. More information can be found at Episode Synopsis: From the results of the analysis of the crystallized Parasitic insects, the enemies currently fighting Kakashi`s team are identified as users of the Crystal Style, a rare type of jutsu. Still unclear on what Orochimaru`s objective is, Tsunade cannot hide her irritation and anxiety. Meanwhile, the search team fends off Gozu and Rinji only to find themselves in a peculiar situation. Along with Shino`s Parasitic insect barricade, they are all caught in the force field ninjutsu. It is Guren`s Green Crystal Labyrinth Jutsu. Kakashi readies himself to fight directly with a Shouton user. Guren, who is now aware of the Leaf`s battle style after their fight with her men, unleashes a different tactic. Meanwhile, on his way to assist Team Kakashi, NARUTO once again encounters Yukimaru, the boy he met at the hot springs. Crunchyroll Anime Member benefits include higher quality streams of all shows (including 720p High Definition for selected shows), no advertisements and early access to currently airing shows including: NARUTO SHIPPUDEN, GINTAMA, NATSUME YUJINCHO, SKIP BEAT, SHUGO CHARA!, WEB GHOSTS PIPOPA, LINEBARRELS OF IRON, THE TOWER OF DRUAGA ­THE SWORD OF URUK­ and more, all available as early as one hour after premiering in Japan. Lower quality streams with advertisements are still available for free viewing. To become an Anime Member, go to

    About Crunchyroll

    Headquartered in San Francisco, California – Crunchyroll is hailed as a leading online entertainment brand with the largest international online community and destination focused on Asian entertainment including anime, drama, music in addition to electronic entertainment and auto content. Crunchyroll’s distribution channel and partnership program delivers content to over four million passionate fans worldwide. Crunchyroll is funded by the premiere group Venrock. More information can be found at its website

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