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    Source: Anime Jungle This past February, Bandai released Godzilla: Yuji Sakai`s Concept Works "Ka-Ma-E", a collection of Godzilla figures sculpted by the popular Yuji Sakai (Godzilla Complete Works). The series has four separate pieces (plus variant color versions), each depicting a fan favorite Godzilla design. Each figure stands approximately 88mm (3.5 inches) tall and comes with a base featuring the logo for the film depicted... 1. Godzilla 1954 from GODZILLA 2. Godzilla 1962 from KING KONG VS GODZILLA 3. Godzilla 1964 from MOTHRA VS GODZILLA/GODZILLA VS THE THING 4. Burning Godzilla 1995 from GODZILLA VS DESTOROYAH The standard four piece set is now in stock and can be ordered from Anime Jungle in Los Angeles, CA. Tell them SciFi Japan sent you!

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