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    Guilala and Godzilla in May Issue of German Mag Pranke

    Source: Kongula`s Pranke Editorial Team Official Site: Pranke

    The German monster magazine Pranke: Das Filmmagazin für Monsterfreaks is back with another fun-filled issue featuring the space kaiju Guilala. The Japanese beast is the focus of two articles; the first a retrospective (written by GUALAGON co-creator Ralf Lorenz) of the films THE X FROM OUTER SPACE and MONSTER X STRIKES BACK/ ATTACK THE G8 SUMMIT!, and the second an interview with recent Guilala suit actor Hariken Ryu conducted by indie filmmaker Jörg Buttgereit. Also on tap are a look at the 1931 Spanish version of DRACULA, sword and sorcery adventures with an emphasis on CONAN creator Robert E Howard, a review of GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS, fantastic cinema from Bollywood, the making of the no budget fan film TROMAGGOT, Univeral Studios` “Classic Sci Fi Ultimate Collection” DVD set, a review of the GODZILLA UNLEASHED video game, German advertising materials for Japanese monster movies, over 20 movie and DVD reviews, mini-posters for TROMAGGOT and the classic Toho science fiction film THE MYSTERIANS, plus much, much more. Pranke issue #34 runs 40 pages and has a print run of only 1000 copies. The retail price is 4.40 Euro. The magazine may be purchased from the publisher on ebay or from online magazine retailers such as Andere Welton.

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