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    Jungle Announces Exclusive Hedorah Figure

    See Godzilla`s Reflection in Hedorah`s Eyes Source: Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle Special Thanks to Yoichi Kakuma Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle in Los Angeles is now taking pre-orders for their first EXCLUSIVE soft vinyl figure from the Godzilla series. The unique "Hedorah Facing Off Against Godzilla" figure has Godzilla`s image reflected in the Smog Monster`s eyes, as depicted in their showdown in the 1971 film GODZILLA VS HEDORAH (???????, Gojira Tai Hedora). Only 100 pieces are being made, so place your order as soon as possible! The release date is September 1, 2019. Pre-order Link: Hedorah Facing Off Against Godzilla Manufacturer: Plex Sales: Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle/Mitsurin Studios Release Date: September 1, 2019 Price: $130.00 (+Tax) Measurements Height: 9.84 inches Width: 13.38 inches Depth: 9.05 inches Material: PVC Packaging: PP bag with a header Jungle 319 E 2nd St #103 Los Angeles, CA 90012 Phone: 213-621-1661 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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