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    King Ghidorah is Here!

    Godzilla battles Far East Monsters` latest addition to their Battlezone set, King Ghidorah! © 1968 Toho Co., Ltd./© 2007 Far East Monsters Ltd.

    Far East Monsters Releases Massive 12" King Ghidorah! Author: Thomas Tvrdik Source: Far East Monsters King Ghidorah, is the second offering in Far East Monsters Ltd`s Destroy All Monsters Battlezone Collectible Series. He stands over a foot tall! Great attention is paid to every detail. Each scale was placed on individually, to make it as realistic as possible. The paint job is supreme. Comes with two light up mouths, one expelling it`s gravity beam. Includes awesome sound sequence of King Ghidorah`s signature roar, beam blasts and explosions, to "sound off" against Collectible 1 Godzilla`s sound and light sequence. Together, they form the beginning of the greatest monster battle ever! This highly detailed, kaiju beauty is very limited edition (only 1500 pcs.) at a great price, so get your orders in fast. Far East Monsters will begin pre-orders next week on their website and expect to have a very fast sell-out of this highly anticipated piece. As with the Godzilla, King Ghidorah will soon have his own movie up on YouTube. Just so you know, a limited number of the Godzilla Collectible are still available, so grab one while you still can. Work is already being done on the next 2 in the series, so be sure to check back with Far East Monsters and SciFi Japan for the latest updates. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For more information on the Far East Monsters Godzilla products please see the previous coverage here on SciFi Japan:

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