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    MONSTERPOCALYPSE: Cataclysm Event and CMG launch at Gen Con Indy

    Character pieces from the new MONSTERPOCALYPSE Collectible Miniatures Game. © 2008 Privateer Press, Inc.

    Source: Privateer Press Official Site: The MONSTERPOCALYPSE is upon us! Join Privateer Press and celebrate the world premiere of the MONSTERPOCALYPSE Collectible Miniatures Game. A limited amount of sneak preview starters and boosters will go on sale for the first time ever on Thursday, August 14th. The sneak preview contains a sampling of the figures in Series 1: Rise. The figures are not limited edition and are identical in all respects to the figures in Rise due out October 2008. Be among the very first to play MONSTERPOCALYPSE in its debut event at Gen Con Indy!

    Purchase your product at the Privateer Press booth 1201, grab a ticket to play, bring a desire to level cities, and join us in rooms 105/106 for this participation event! This is not a sealed box event, so boosters are allowed and encouraged. You can participate in as many of the approximately hour-long matches as you like during this all-day event. Players who participate in TWO or more games will walk away with a limited edition figure, Mega Zor-Raiden! Don’t miss out on the world premiere of MONSTERPOCALYPSE on the gaming world’s largest stage at Gen Con Indy. For more information visit or go to Gen Con Indy 2008 and “Register Now" for the event. About the MONSTERPOCALYPSE Collectible Miniatures Game The MONSTERPOCALYPSE CMG brings the giant monster genre – a pop culture favorite – to the tabletop in the form of a fast-paced, action-packed game for two players ages 10 and up. Designed by Matt Wilson, the award-winning creator of WARMACHINE and HORDES, MONSTERPOCALYPSE leverages the critically acclaimed abilities of Privateer Press as a leading miniatures manufacturer to enter a new category of product with a property that appeals to a worldwide fan base of all ages. About Privateer Press, Inc Privateer Press, Inc. is a privately held, Seattle-based producer of entertainment and hobby brands such as the newly-announced MONSTERPOCALYPSE Collectible Miniatures Game, the award-winning hobby miniatures games WARMACHINE and HORDES, the award-winning Iron Kingdoms property, and the Formula P3 hobby line. About Gen Con Indy 2008 Gen Con Indy is the original, longest running, and largest annual consumer fantasy, electronic, sci-fi and adventure game convention in North America. For nearly 40 years, Gen Con Indy has been setting the trend and breaking records. Last year, more than 27,000 gaming enthusiasts converged together to experience a vibrant exhibit floor, over 6,000 gaming events, celebrity appearances, anime, workshops, seminars, an expanded e-game arena with multiple computer gaming stations and more. Gen Con Indy 2008 is being held at the Indiana Convention Center, 100 South Capitol Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana 46225. Excerpts from all Privateer Press press releases are © 2001 – 2008 Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Privateer Press, WARMACHINE, HORDES, Monsterpocalypse, G.U.A.R.D., and Terrasaurs are all trademarked property of Privateer Press, Inc. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For more information on MONSTERPOCALYPSE please see the earlier coverage here on SciFi Japan:

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