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    New Exclusive Charactics x Jungle Japan Godzilla Tank Figure

    Source: Jungle Special Collectors Shop Special Thanks to Tetsu Shiota Our goods friends (and sponsor) Jungle Special Collectors Shop have asked SciFi Japan to spread the word about a new exclusive Godzilla vinyl figure. The Japanese toy company Charactics has been releasing licensed figures of Toho movie monsters, including a series featuring characters like Mechagodzilla driving tanks. Charactics has now partnered with Jungle Japan on an extremely limited edition Godzilla Tank figure. The toy stands about 6 inches tall and is molded in soft vinyl. Only 30 of the Godzilla Tank Charactics x Jungle Japan Exclusive Soft Vinyl Figures are being produced, and they are available exclusively through Jungle. 10 of the pieces will be sold at the Jungle store in Los Angeles and the Jungle booth at this year`s Comic Con International (July 23-26 in San Diego). The LA store is taking preorders now until July 20. The retail price for the toy is $80.00, and increases to $98.00 after Comic Con. Jungle Special Collectors Shop 319 East 2nd Street #103 Los Angeles , CA 90012 Tel: 213-621-1661 Order Online

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