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    New Godzilla Comic Book Series Premieres March 30th

    Issue #1 of IDW Publishing`s Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters comic book comes with multiple variant covers, including this tri-fold illustration by Eric Powell for Cover B. Photo courtesy of IDW Publishing. © 2011 IDW Publishing/ Toho Co., Ltd.

    Source: IDW Publishing Special Thanks to Chris Ryall and Carlos Guzman

    Cover A by Alex Ross. Photo courtesy of IDW Publishing. © 2011 IDW Publishing/ Toho Co., Ltd.

    The first issue of IDW Publishing`s Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters, comic book series will arrive on stores shelves Wednesday, March 30th. The ongoing series is being written by Eisner Award-winner Eric Powell (The Goon) and Tracy Marsh. Artwork is provided by penciller Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Firebreather), inker Bruce McCorkindale (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Falling Man) and Eisner-nominated colorist Ronda Pattison. The cover price is $3.99. Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters begins as Godzilla emerges from the ocean off the coast of Japan and makes his way towards Tokyo. Military countermeasures seem powerless against the gargantuan beast, and the Japanese government may have to resort to some desperate measures to prevent further calamity. The destructive saga also features a host of beloved Toho monsters such as Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah, making their long-awaited debut to American comics. IDW is promoting the launch of their new Godzilla comic with a selection of variant covers. Three standard versions are being released. Cover A is painted by fan favorite artist Alex Ross (Marvels, Kingdom Come). Cover B is a tri-fold cover by Eric Powell, depicting Godzilla and some of his most famous monster co-stars. Both editions have been printed in equal numbers. Cover RI-A is also by Eric Powell, and features the advance artwork of Godzilla`s eye looming over a helpless victim. This variant is being shipped at a 10-to-1 ratio, meaning retailers will receive one RI-A version for every ten copies ordered of Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters. Retailers who have ordered fifty copies of Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters will receive one Cover RI-B edition. The cover is blank other than the logo and features an original hand-drawn sketch by Eric Powell. Retailers who ordered 500 or more copies of issue #1 could also take part in a special promotion in which their store is shown being crushed in a cover illustration by Matt Frank (and friends). Seventy five comic book stores across the United States signed on... all of the retailer cover variants can be seen in SciFi Japan`s interview with Frank. Matt Frank also drew the cover for the final variant edition, which will be available exclusively at Wondercon in San Francisco, CA. The event takes place April 1st through April 3rd.

    Left: Retailers will receive a smaller number of copies for Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1 with Cover RI-A by Eric Powell. Right: Matt Frank`s cover art for the Wondercon exclusive edition of the comic. Photos courtesy of IDW Publishing. © 2011 IDW Publishing/ Toho Co., Ltd.

    About IDW Publishing

    IDW is an award-winning publisher of comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, based in San Diego, California. Renowned for its diverse catalog of licensed and independent titles, IDW publishes some of the most successful and popular titles in the industry, including: Hasbro`s The Transformers and G.I. JOE, Paramount`s Star Trek; Fox`s Angel; the BBC`s Doctor Who; and comics and trade collections based on novels by worldwide bestselling author, James Patterson. IDW is also home to the Library of American Comics imprint, which publishes classic comic reprints; Yoe! Books, a partnership with Yoe! Studios; and is the print publisher for EA Comics and ComicMix. IDW`s original horror series, 30 Days of Night, was launched as a major motion picture in October 2007 by Sony Pictures and was the #1 film in its first week of release. More information about the company can be found at

    About Toho Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1932 and headquartered in Tokyo, Toho Company, Ltd. is one of the leading entertainment conglomerates in Japan. Toho is best known worldwide as the producer of twenty-eight Godzilla motion pictures, based upon a character the company unleashed on the world back in 1954, and masterpiece films directed by Akira Kurosawa. Toho has been the number one distributor of motion pictures in Japan (both domestic and foreign) for seven consecutive years since 2003. The company is also, throughout Japan, the leading producer of theatrical works and one of the largest owners of office buildings and theaters.

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