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    New Western-Horror Novel From English-Dubbed ULTRAMAN Writer/Director William Winckler

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    Source:  William Winckler Productions press release

    English-dubbed Ultraman and Anime filmmaker William Winckler (ULTRAMAN X THE MOVIE, FRANKENSTEIN VS. THE CREATURE FROM BLOOD COVE, ZOMBREX: DEAD RISING SUN) has just released his new Western-Horror fiction novel Demon Head of Tuscon, now available worldwide on eBook and paperback on Amazon Kindle.   

    Loosely based on the terrifying Native American monster/spirit legend of the “The Rolling Head,” readers should find author William Winckler’s fresh, unique story, original and captivating.  When a young Native American woman is stalked by a horrific disembodied head out to kill her, a wandering cowboy helps escort her to the safety of a Christian reservation.  On the way, they must battle and ultimately destroy the monstrous demon before everyone in the Arizona territory is wiped out by it!

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    William Winckler was born in Van Nuys, California.  During his prolific career, he has written, produced, and directed nearly fifty feature films, several TV series, pilots and English language Japanese movies and anime.  Select credits include; TEKKAMAN THE SPACE KNIGHT, GAIKING, DANGUARD ACE, STARZINGER, THE DOUBLE-D AVENGER (reuniting the Russ Meyer film stars), the award-winning FRANKENSTEIN VS. THE CREATURE FROM BLOOD COVE, Capcom's ZOMBREX: DEAD RISING SUN based on the famous zombie video game DEAD RISING, ULTRAMAN X THE MOVIE (the 50th Anniversary film of the iconic Japanese Ultraman superhero character/brand), ULTRAMAN GINGA S -THE MOVIE, and MEGA MONSTER BATTLE: ULTRA GALAXY (a Warner Bros. Japan release).  Paperback novelizations of The Double-D Avenger and Frankenstein vs. the Creature From Blood Cove have been published based on William’s screenplays and films.  He currently resides on the east coast of the U.S., after spending most of his life in Southern California.

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