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    Resin, Plastic and Instant Fame!

    Enter CreatureScape`s Japanese monster model photo contest now until July 31! Official Site: CreatureScape

    Godzilla takes on Gigan in full resin glory! ©2006 Toho Co., ltd.

    As CreatureScape, "The Monster Model and Movie Magazine for the 21st Century," begins its fourth year of web and hard copy publication, it is devoting August to kaiju. In conjunction with the theme, they are having a kaiju model photo contest. CreatureScape was the first magazine printed on CD ROM in the world. It reads like a website and when you pop it in your computer, your browser takes over. As the magazine has grown, the number of articles, videos and now even music require a DVD sized disc. "I estimate over 60 model building articles alone will be featured--plus our share of DVD and kit reviews, movie essays and opinions, Wonderfest photos, horror host videos and lots of special stuff," the publisher said. Expect classic horror, science fiction, original and fantasy kits, dinosaurs and of course, tons of kaiju. The contest is open to everyone and there will be a first, second and third place winner choosen by concensus of the CreatureScape staff by the middle of each month. "We have just made arrangements to have some cool prizes including kits from Ultratumba, DVDs from horror hosts around the country and odds and ends that sci-fi and horror fans will love."

    A newly-designed Gamera takes flight! ©2006 Kadokawa Pictures, Inc.

    Kaiju modelers have until July 31 to submit up to three pictures via email to be entered. Contest entry is free and open to anyone, but if you are currently set to receive CreatureScape 7 when it comes out in October, you can haul in a whole prize pack if you win, place or show. Contest details can be found at CreatureScape Contests "Our theme will change a each month and will be announced at the contest site. Kaiju fans will have more than one opportunity to enter too as the themes change, since kaiju films are forms of both fantasy and science fiction and occaisionally they qualify as aliens or pre-1970 classics. " "We want people to check back often and have fun. We`d like to see the CreatureScape gallery contest develop into something special and just be a blast for everyone!"

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